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Caleb Emmanuel Sparrow’s Family mini Photo Album.
















This is a picture of daddy when I was in elementary school.  I did not smile because I smiled in my school pictures the year before. Did not want to spoil them!  I also had that slope hair style because I was being a bad little boy thinking I was in style.  Shame, shame!



Theses are pictures of baby daddy trying to be sporty.  I am not sure how old I was, but I think most of these photos were created in the year 1988.












This is picture of your Grandma Gladys (left) and her friend eating a watermelon while she attended Job Corps.



This is a photo of your Grandma Gladys profiling.  She was about 28 years old then.  I am not sure where she was. Maybe leaving Fort Lauderdale on our way to Perry, Florida.  Together, we will all ask here one day!






Here’s a photograph of my favorite Auntie Mary Ann. She was holding her newborn baby girl, Tonya.  At the time Mary Ann was also proud mother to 18 year old Larry and 17 year old Katherine.  We all we very excited about Tonya’s birth and addition to our family.



Above is a beautiful picture of baby Tonya smiling her cute little self away.  I wonder who she was looking at. Maybe she was just happy like you are Caleb!









My Jesus child Caleb Emmanuel, the photos above and below are symbolic of the activities I participated in while I was in summer camp staying out of trouble and having fun  learning !!  This one is for FLAG FOOTBALL. 



Caleb, I received the certificate above for participating in activities such as table tennis, fosse ball, billiards, and air hockey!







My son, I received the above certificate for learning the skill of archery while in summer camp.  Learning how to use the bow and arrow was also very fun and challenging.



Caleb, the above photos are records of me learning arts and crafts such as painting and creating tools for work and play.  Last but definitely not least, here is a card reminding me of when I learned how to swim.  Playing in the pool and learning how to swim was my favorite part of summer camp!











This photo album was created for Caleb Emmanuel Sparrow in loving memory of my late auntie Lonnie Marie Sparrow (above).  Behind the above photo there is a message that reads, “Lonnie and her boyfriend, together forever!” Auntie Lonnie Marie we love you and can not wait to be with you in heaven. We are prayerful that you are watching over us.  We love you! In Jesus name we pray, ”Amen.”