by AnnMarie Eldon

 (c)Adam Gaucher Mother best beloved
Mother undefiled
pray for us

a gun or other explosive signal
fired at intervals of about
a minute
through thee we hope for
a continuous sounding
of any fog-signal
see how weak we are, lost in tears!
rockets or shells throwing
red stars fired one
at a time at short
lighten our anguish
a signal by radio or any other method
consisting of the letters SOS
in Morse Code
save us!
a signal sent by radio consisting
of the spoken word ‘Mayday’
tu medicinam portas divinam
(from the French m’aidez,
meaning ‘help me’)
audi nos, O Maria!
hoisting of the signal flag NC
in International Code
ora, ora pro nobis!
a signal consisting of a square flag
having above or below it
a ball or anything
a ball
may thy joy
and thy sorrows
be our help

flames on the ship
(as from a burning
tar barrel)
soothe our sorrows
a rocket parachute flare
showing a red light
art our comfort
and refuge

the ensign hoisted upside down
is generally understood as an
unofficial distress signal
turn and look!
in thee we hope
to thee we cry

Are you my mother?

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