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~~~~~~~~~Poetry by Emily~~~~~~~~~~

*Welcome! * Good day.*
*Thanks for coming. Welcome to my site.*
*Sit back and relax, sip a cup of tea and enjoy.*
*Please feel free to look around as long as you like.*
*I do not claim to be a poet but I certainly enjoy trying.*
*This is a joint combination of my most inner feelings,*
*My thoughts, my sweet memories, and my dreams.*
*Please take the time to sign my guestbook,*
*And let me know you have visited.*
*Thank you for stopping by.*
*God bless you.*

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Emily's Pages

Amazing Grace
I Call Him Love
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Little Country School
Mom's Button Box
When I Grow Old
When They Ring Those Golden Bells
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Do You Hear?
Seasons of Life
The Beauty of a Butterfly
I Love You
Hold Me Jesus
The Loving One
Grandpa Tell Me
I'll Be There

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