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Billy The Kid

The most famous outlaw-gunfighter of the frontier southwest was Willian Bonney,
alias "Billy the Kid." He was involved in the Lincoln County War in the
New Mexico Territory and was killed by Pat Garrett in Ft Sumner, New Mexico in
July of 1881. The Kid is buried in the old military cemetery just south
of the town of Fort Sumner.

Billy The Kid Museum in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

Stagecoach at Ft Sumner Museum.

In 1950 in the town of Hico, Texas, Oliver P. "Ollie" Roberts, aka "Brushy Bill,"
claimed that he was Billy the Kid. No proof was ever offered. However, Hico
now has a Billy The Kid Museum and statue in town.

Visit Hico Texas.

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Sign on hwy 287 south of Hico, Texas.

Billy The Kid Museum in dountown Hico, Texas.

Statue of Billy the Kid in downtown Hico, Texas.

Hico is in central Texas.