~From the East~

We are now over halfway thru the Masonic year,
and are reminded that our work is not yet completed.

In January we completed an entered apprentice degree.
Thank you to everyone who assisted in making this a great night.
And please welcome our new Brother into our lodge and show him just how great our fraternity is.

For the next two months we Will be focusing on the exemplification for the 3rd°.
Once we have completed that task we will resume the degree work on our candidates.
Regular attendance at our rehearsals is paramount to our success
in presenting the best degree work for our newest Brothers.

This month we have a new event that we will be bringing to the lodge.
A fundraiser for school on wheels
in conjunction with Valentine's Day on Saturday, February 11th.
We will incorporate a chocolate themed dinner and some great singing entertainment.
Please see the communication for details of the event.
It is Extremely important to have an early headcount so that we can prepare adequate food for all those attending.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Lodge again.

Wor. Kevin D. Miller
Worshipful Master


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