~From the East~

Greetings from the East to St. George Lodge.

October completes my first year as Master of St. George Lodge.
It has been an honor and a privilege to have been Master of the Lodge for this past year.
I am looking forward to my second year with much more to complete on the Trestle Board.

This month we have our installation and the official,
as well as our annual meeting on the fourth.
It will be a busy night and, therefore, we will be starting at 7:00.
Dinner will start at 6:00.

October 7th is Towerfest at DW Field in Brockton.
I hope, with the Lodge’s blessing,
that we can become a sponsor and also provide the pumpkin painting for this event.
This will give us an opportunity to serve the community
as well as provide awareness for Masonry and St. George Lodge.
This is especially important since Open House will be on October 21st.
At this event we will be able to display banners promoting our Lodge.
We will need extra hands in order to make this a successful event.

We are in the process of an investigation on a new candidate
and, hopefully, will be able to have a pre-ap on a second candidate as well soon.
This means, if all goes well, we will be having a 1st° in November.

We will be having a number of events coming up through December,
and it will be necessary to have full participation of the officers
in order to make them successful.
As a member of Saint George, everyone represents the future of the Lodge
and participation is the key.

Wor. Kevin D. Miller
Worshipful Master


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