Within the duties of the Worshipful Master falls the requirement of setting
the Craft to work and giving them wholesome instruction for their labor.
He uses a Masonic Trestle Board to draw up these plans and present them to the Brethren.
The following are the duties of the brethren of Saint George Lodge.
Take due notice there of and conduct yourself accordingly.

Brethren, don't forget our Scholarship Fund.
Many of you knew Brother Eldon Ransom of Paul Revere Lodge.
He started a tradition of donating $1.00 during the month of his birthday for every year he was alive to the Paul Revere Lodge Angel Fund.
We are asking the members of Saint George Lodge to donate $1.00 during the month of their birthday for every year you have been alive to the Scholarship Fund.

January 2018
1/03 - Business Meeting
1/07 - VA Escort Service
1/18 - Mainspring Feed the Homeless
1/24 - Entered Apprentice Degree
1/25 - LOI Tri-Town

February 2018
2/07 - Business Meeting
2/15 - Mainspring Feed the Homeless
2/18 - VA Escort Service
2/22 - LOI Brockton

VA Escort Service

BR> Brethren, we are all aware of the changes within the district.
There has been some confusion concerning which Lodge is scheduled for VA Service.
PLEASE if you are available join us at the VA Chapel on any Sunday morning.

All are welcomed whether it's your Mother Lodge's turn or not.

Brethren, this is the only opportunity some of our veterans have to leave their hospital wards through the whole week.
We meet at the Chapel between 10:00-10:30 am for coffee and doughnuts and fellowship.
At 10:30 we depart to escort patients to church for an 11:00 am service.
Following the service, patients are escorted back to their wards and you are
on your way home around 12:00 pm. Please take the two hours to support our Veterans.
Please, set aside Saint George’s day at the VA Hospital.

Any Sunday you are able to assist is greatly appreciated.
Contact Worshipful Burt Tibbets or Worshipful George Noon, for more information.

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