Landscaping with Native Plants on Nantucket

The NBI is pleased to release a new brochure, Landscaping with Native Plants on Nantucket. The brochure was designed by the Invasive Plant Species Committee, a standing committee of the NBI, in order to provide the community with a comprehensive list of native species that can be used successfully in a landscaping or habitat restoration project.

Why choose natives? Selecting natives will save water, save time, reduce pesticide and fertilizer use, enhance wildlife habitat, and protect Nantucket's distinctive landscape and fragile ecosystem.

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Mile-A-Minute Vine Alert!

A new weed has been detected on Nantucket, and we want to know if you've seen it!

Printable ID Card

Nantucket Chronicle: Mile-A-Minute Weed

If you think you see this weed - contact either of these IPSC reps:

Sarah Bois

Kelly Omand

Help Track Invasives on Nantucket

You can map invasives that you see around the island by using your smart phone!

Download the App and get started today!


IPSC Cooperative Weed Management Project

The IPSC is working cooperatively with Nantucket's Department of Public Works to control the spread of the noxious invasive weed Spotted Knapweed along bike baths and roadsides.

Read more about Spotted Knapweed and how we plan to manage it.



Invasive Plant Resources

Electronic Field Guide to the Invasive Plants of Nantucket

List of Invasive Species on Nantucket


Invasive Species Management Protocols

The ISPC has worked hard to create recommendations for invasive species removal protocols to assist homeowners and conservation groups in managing invasive species on their properties. Please contact us with comments or questions.


General Guidelines for Invasive Species Removal

Managing Purple Loosestrife

Managing Japanese Knotweed

Managing Phragmites (Common Reed)








The Invasive Plant Species Committee

The Nantucket Invasive Plant Species Committee (IPSC), a standing committee of the Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative, is an on-island collaboration of people and organizations interested in and actively pursuing non-native invasive plant species identification, management, research, education, and eradication. Please see our current brochure for more information.



Interested in particpating in the Nantucket IPSC? Interested in reporting an invasive plant? Interested in volunteering to help on our invasive plant removal projects?


For more information on IPSC and to get involved, please contact either of our committee co-chairs:

Sarah Bois

Kelly Omand


What are Exotic Invasive Plants?

These are non-native plants that establish themselves within the local ecosystem. These plants can outcompete native species for space and resources without the natural control measures that may exist in their native ecosystems. These invasions can cause aesthetic, biological, chemical and economic damage to natural areas and in your own backyard.


Invasives on Nantucket

Nantucket boasts some of the most rare and fragile habitats in the U.S. These habitats are at risk of invasion, which may lead to the loss of rare and endangered species. By preventing the establishment of exotic invasive species, we can help preserve Nantucket's unique natural characteristics.

Non-native invasives are commonly introducted to gardens as landscape plants or as hitchhikers in soil, compost and seed packets. Be a responsible gardener, look for native landscape plants and know the contents of your imported soil and seeds.

List of Invasive Species on Nantucket


Click here for access to the Electronic Field Guide to the Invasive Plants of Nantucket


Invasive Plant Species Disposal at the Nantucket Landfill

The members of IPSC have been working hard with the Department of Public Works and Waste Options to figure out the best way to dispose of invasive plants. Read Dr. Sarah Bois's latest Nantucket Chronicle article for all the details.


And when you visit the Dump - look for the sign below to find the correct dumpster:


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