Please Support the Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative

There are many ways you can support and contribute to the NBI whether through monitary donations to one of our many programs, volunteer support during our annual events, or donation of equipment that could support our ongoing research. The NBI greatly appreciates any contribution you can make.


Monetary Donations

The NBI receives funding for it's various projects through monetary donations and grants from partner organizations and the public. Donations can be made generally to the NBI or in support of a specific program.

Potential Programs to support:

NBI Grants Program, NBI Week, NBI Conference, NBI Invasive Species Committee

If interested in making a donation, please contact Andrew McKenna Foster


Volunteer Opportunities

Each year the NBI hosts a research event, either a one day Research Conference or a weekend long Biodiversity Inventory and volunteer help is greatly appreciate at each of these events.



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