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Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative Mission Statement

The mission of the Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative (NBI) is to conserve the native biodiversity of Nantucket through collaborative research, monitoring and education.



  • To work in partnership with conservation organizations, educational institutions, governmental agencies, local businesses and individuals to further the mission of the NBI;
  • To support and facilitate biodiversity research on Nantucket, Tuckernuck and Muskeget Islands and surrounding waters and share results with the scientific community and the general public;
  • To develop a comprehensive inventory of island species and document population trends;
  • To coordinate the cataloging of data and reports and organize the deposition of biological species at appropriate institutions;
  • To detect and manage invasive exotic species that pose a threat to biodiversity on the islands;
  • To educate the public about the significance of diverse biological communities and inspire them to become responsible stewards of the environment; and
  • To make biodiversity information available to conservation organizations, government agencies and the general public involved in decisions that affect Nantucket's environment.


NBI is a collaborative effort of the following organizations: Linda Loring Nature Foundation, Maria Mitchell Association, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Massachusetts Natural Heritage & Endangered Spcies Program, Nantucket Conservation Foundation, Nantucket Islands Land Bank Commission, Nantucket Land Council, Nantucket Memorial Airport, Science Department of the Nantucket High School, Trustees of the Reservations, Tuckernuck Land Trust, UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station and US Fish and Wildlife Service.



Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

Nantucket Island is located ~33miles off the coast of Cape Cod, in the Atlantic Ocean. The physical isolation of Nantucket Island makes it an important resource for biodiversity and conservation. Nantucket Island contains rare sandplain grassland and coastal heathland habitats as well as salt marshes, freshwater coastal ponds and scrub oak woodlands. Many rare plant, animal, bird, and insects species can be found on Nantucket making inventory and analysis of Nantucket's native biodiversity an important conservation and research goal.


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