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February 2009, Report to the Selectmen

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Ian Bowles, the Secretary of Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts approved the plan as of December 21st, 2009. Here is a link to the state decision.

Final State Approved Plan May 2009

This is the final version of the plan as approved by the Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This is a large file (3 Mb); paper copies of the final plan are available from the Marine Department.

Shellfish Management Plan

The final draft Shellfish Management Plan was approved by the SMP committee on September 26th 2012; it will be presented to SHAB and the BOS for their approval this Fall

Click here for a copy of the plan.

This is a large file (5 Mb); paper copies of the final plan are available from the Marine Department.

More information is avialable from:
1. Matt Herr at: mattherr117@gmail.com
2. The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (34 Washington Street) Attn: Tara Riley
3. Kristin Uiterwyk at: Kristin.uiterwyk@umb.edu or 617-287-5570.

Harbor Plan Implementation Committee

The Harbor Plan Implementation Committee (HPIC) meets once monthly on the 2nd or 3rd Thursdays from 5:00 - 6:30 pm at the 2 Faregrounds Conference room to review progress on the action items listed in the plan and provide recommendations to the Board of Selectmen regarding priorities and timelines concerning those action items. These meetings are open to the public with plenty of parking available. Members of the HPIC include three representatives of Harbor and Shellfish Advisory Board; HSAB (appointed by HSAB): Doug Smith, Peter Boyce, and Bam LaFarge; and 5 at-large members appointed by the BOS: Sarah Oktay, Leslie Johnson, Carl Sjolund, Lee Saperstein, and Diane Coombs. Whitey Willauer (deceased) served admirably on the committee for many years and is sorely missed.

Meeting minutes from the Town of Nantucket's website

Mission Statement of the HPIC (approved by the BOS June 13, 2007): The mission of the Harbor Plan Implementation Committee is to prioritize the Nantucket and Madaket Harbors Plan implementation items in the form of recommendations to the Board of Selectmen, to provide regular updates to the Board as to implementation of the Plan, and to recommend changes to the Plan as needed. The Committee was reconstituted in summer 2010 after their final presentations to the Board of Selectmen in May 2010.

Please remember to thank the Harbor Plan Advisory Board committee members (past and present) for all their hard work. They are: Steve O'Brien, Ron Shepherd, Dave Fronzuto, Patti Stolte, Dirk Roggeveen, Linda Williams, Tom Mlesko, Arch McColl (deceased), and Bam LaFarge

What's New

Progress report delivered to the Board of Selectmen on May 2010. Copies of that Powerpoint presentation are available via email or snail mail; contact Sarah Oktay at sarah.oktay@umb.edu or call 508-228-5268 to request a copy. Currently about 50% of the 122 action items or tasks have been addressed and implemented by the Town of Nantucket and its agencies, boards, and commissions. Current projects include the Article 68 Workgroup, formed to address fertilizer use on Nantucket (Action Items #22, #28, #50 and #52), the drafting of a Shellfish Management Plan (Action Items #77 and #83) a water quality database (Action item #22) and Water Quality Management Plan (Action Item #60) , creating a Coastal Management Plan and creating and providing to landowners a Nantucket specific "Blue Pages" (Action items #23 and #24).