Umberto Eco and Yuri Lotman have been central figures in the development of semiotics,
particularly text-semiotics. Eco has written on the dynamics of the open work (Opera aperta,
1962); in the last 15 years, his A Theory of Semiotics (1976) The Role of the Reader (1979)
and Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language (1984) have traced a project in which system-
atic semiotic theory has opened onto problems of cultural phenomena, interpretation and mem-
ory, and the nature of human knowledge and artificial intelligence. The semiotic project of Yuri
Lotman, founder of the Moscow-Tartu School of semiotics, has also been widely inclusive,
ranging from the semiotics of literature (The Structure of the Artistic Text 1970, 1977, and The
Analysis of the Poetic Text, 1972, 1976) and cinema (The Semiotics of the Cinema, 1973 to
the typology of culture, and historiography. [See endnote.]
How to smell like the Care Bears

raspberry is an offering.

the evening news is as unfulfilling as unsubjective sex.
    unrelative stars.
    Babyface Spitdrip crashes inside turn three, trying to pass Hut Strickland low.

that doesnt got to hurt.

titles not to be missed by suicidal window wipers:
   A child's garden of verses, a grown-up's history of S&M  (Anne Rice answers her readers' questions )


the moment after creation purple liquid cough suppressant.

bales of cheers.

I control your waitress between the hours of 6PM and 8 AM. plot can no longer be sustained as a creative enterprise.

from the concert to benefit hurt fingers. we join the divorce already in progress.

hungry fingers. transferred impression.
    in the name of all that is momentous and untrustworthy.

casting call: Renée Zellweger, Modonna, Brenda Vaccaro, Tom Tomato, Larry Lettuce.

cumulative dispersion.

the production of irritation and sexual desire. (source)

consecutive corridors. diplomacy therein. reworking our misconceptions.
    the musculo-skeletal supermodel within each of us.
    latent abeyance. there is no companion to chaos. it will leave if not left to itself. which bank of the river do you prefer? for poetry and for fishing. a lurking quiescence. the option of not asking for more.

please report suspectsed cases of sebborhea.

the quality or state of being near the tunnel.

Jeremy Irons; Joe Bulova watches.
    the damp Atlantic.

the announced introduction of purple liquid cough suppressant to gales of laughter.

may come used.

dead recommend contemplate.

together dead.

contiguity. title transfer buttons.

conjunction exam. circumference agreement.

mineral code. toilet defense six.

director: Albert R. Broccoli.

s o ur c es

"The Universe of Interpretations" Hilary Clark (author of  Tomato?)

this here cutup

a swirling motion