today is the day in question. the secret to my success with girl(s)

beautiful people rescue beautiful dogs. by selling lincoln log homes you can feed a family of four for just under ten dollars. tie.

  tie one on. one on one, tie one on. titter, tree a man. try dandelion.

  try to come across. gracefully. fully, gracefully. it’s a tie.

it’s good, folks! the dolphins take the lead and I have just received word that the marksman has a bead trained on the president’s head. bean bag games for big dogs. titer.


the average person is getting

interested in all kinds of spinning.


across your lap, across the ocean. floating fluff.

    i see.

  and taiwan yuan. a ringworm of savings. veritable colosium.

  try one! folksy. dressy. missy prissy, brother sissy. greasy breakfast. heavy appetite for infarction. any infection caused by a trypanosome qualifies as “trypanosomiasis”. any infection caused by a chinese communist party lapdog is revolutionary cadreiasis dub.

  conjunctive fervor. what mao's heart murmured to mao on his pissy deathbed. affection from a hardass equals callousophilia, and goes especially good in a locked closet with warm ketchup.

cumulus humilis

cumulus mediocris

cumulus congestus

cumulus fractus

                          acoustic guitar.


acoustic carpet. car in my canthii. the blood-brain aircraft carrier.

  washing the calloused hearts of the corpus christi literati down the storm drains in september. a warm morn.

  loosely remembering. dissociative chain-link.


hello, my name is not marvin and it never has been marvin.


the secret is in the sauce. in the flying saucer.






Patricia Leva on Art Bell’s “Dreamland” 8/23/98



the spinning is the fragmented memory