Romantic Interludes

~ Blazing Passion Poetry & Prose ~

You Are Everything To Me

Your love is steady like a rock embedded in the sea; Your eyes sparkle when I approach you in the light
Warm with love
when we're together at night You are the earth, moon and sun
a love with all the elements
I need to be supported.

When you, my love
are not by my side
Patience doesn't always work;
it can tear some loving hearts apart
only to be left alone
with bitterness and despair.

Although it seems our fate
it's much too hard to seperate.
Not knowing if the love we share
can be replaced

(c)1990 Scheryll Anderson

Could It Just Be You

Could it just be you
that makes my heart go wild
Or the sunshine that surrounds me
when you smile
Could it be the way you come
to me at night
Sharing all your love
until the morning light
Being apart
was something we didn't plan.

You say you love me
that's all that matters Dear.
Life is so unsure
it doesn't pay to plan
While you're on your own
thinking what could be
Think of all the times
we were happy
you and me.

(c)1990 Scheryll Anderson

Your Thoughts

Do your thoughts include me
When you sit so silently.
When you stare, who do you see?
Are you thinking of your past
or looking to the future
To find serenity.

I'd like to make you happy
ease your troubled mind.
But you, my dear
must sort your thoughts alone
With me
by your side.

(c)1990 Scheryll Anderson

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