eye music:

a fairy tale blues in one act

( photographs by Cheryl Dodds, Mansfield, Ohio )

Artist's note...

In 2001 I was working on an idea for advertising a literary arts journal. I was using manikins in a chorus line dance in a large, darkened art room. Without notice, the muse slipped into the room and joined in the dance. The chorus line became two dancers locked in an uneasy embrace. These photographs literally erupted from that encounter. For me, it was a very intense experience. I hope you are able to feel that intensity as you look at these images and read the poetry that has been written as a response to the images. I hope you don't look away. Not now. Not ever again.

A few months after the first photographs were taken, I mentioned them in a conversation with Sam. He asked to see them. Somewhat reluctantly, I sent him a few. He asked for more. And more. They became as real to him as they were to me. It is through Sam's encouragement and work that you are able to see these in this context. If not for Sam, all of these images would still be hidden away, Eye Music for my eyes only.

                                                  Cheryl Dodds

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   in the pitch of citrus