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<bgsound src="angelsinheaven.wav"> Tammy Michelle Wall
May 7, 1974 ~ May 16, 2002
Rest With The Angels My Friend
"Love ya" ~ Beth

Michael Anthony Ulibarri
April 26, 1980 ~ February 23, 2001
Your memory is a keepsake of which we'll never part
God has you in his keeping, we have you in our heart.

Stephanie Ciotti
March 26, 1955 ~ October 9, 1998
Loving daughter, sister, and Mother
Deeply missed but forever in our hearts

Linda Galbreath
June 29, 1965 ~ January 8, 2003
Our Beautiful Butterfly
Free At Last
But Lives Forever In Our Hearts

John Anthony "Johnny" Vastardis
November 22, 1957 ~ February 12, 2001 (suicide)
I Love You and Miss You (((~Johnny~)))
Your Sister Forever

Stephanie Vastardis Wiley
May 1, 1961 ~ June 25, 1996 (cancer)
Oh Sweet ~Stephie~ I Miss you so Much!!
Your Sister Forever

Lauren Marie Waller
December 12, 1990 ~ April 16 2000
Soar high sweet angel Lauren
Nanny loves and misses you more than words can say

Susan Elizabeth Jones
June 18, 1985 ~ March 13, 2001
Forever Loved ... Forever Missed ~ Forever In Our Hearts ~
Love Ya Baby Girl ... Mommy

SGT.Peter A. Maginnis,NYPD
March 2,1965 ~ September 20,2002
God Gave Me The Greatest Son, The Best Cop and A Wonderful Friend.

Robert Walters Jr.
August 16, 1973 ~ December 14, 2002
My heart breaks each day for you
A Father's Love that is so True

Harvey Lee Dunn
September 23, 1958 ~ August 12, 2001
Beloved husband, father and son who will always have
a place in our hearts and our memories

Robert Hampton Smith (Robbie)
September 8, 1983 ~ March 15, 2000
Oh, Robbie boy! Oh, Robbie boy!
We miss you so!

Sean W LeBlanc
July 24, 1974 ~ November 22,2002
Sean you are forever my soulmate
We shall meet again your kids
love you and miss you I tell them he is always with you
I love you and miss you Sean
and I will forever feel you near
Love your wife Jennifer, and Sean jr
Emily and Ethan Leblanc

Brian Lee Smith
August 18, 1980 ~ October 3, 1999
Forever in our hearts

Jennifer Lynn Stevenson
June 26, 1979 ~ June 25, 2001
You will always be remembered
Love always, Mom, Dad, Chris, Jermey, Josh, Amy
Your love will never be forgotten.

Stephen "Toby" Carson
March 21, 1970 ~ January 22, 1998
"As long as I have breath with in me, you will never be forgotten"

Keith Michael Hellman
Took his Angel Wings on March 6, 1999
Home with Our Lord
"Truly, Madly, Deeply" I Love You
Forever Loved ~ Never Forgotten
Love always, Beth

Coryn D'Heron
January 9, 1990 ~ November 5, 2002
Loving Daughter, Sister, and Friend to all who knew her
The Hudson High School Class of 2008 Will Never Forget You

David "Honey" Principe
Took his Angel Wings on November 16, 1998
Loving Husband, Father, and Friend to all who knew him

Matthew Eugene Johnson Heckroth
August 3, 1983 ~ November 6, 2000
Precious son, brother, Uncle and Grandson.
Forever in our Hearts, Forever in our Thoughts.
We love you Lil Buddy

Todd "HAYES" Kent
March 14, 1985 ~ January 27, 2002
Your beautiful smile and kind heart will forever live
on in our memories and heart. We miss you each and everyday.
Love, Mama, Daddy, and lil sis Bethany

Brian Sheard
January 21, 1927 ~ August 5, 2002
Gone from my arms, but forever in my heart Dad.

Robert James Burns
November 26, 1968 ~ August 5, 1982
Forever Loved-Forever 13

Nicole Jannella "Patterson" Smith
May 26, 1982 ~ May 30, 1999
I love you very much! Not a day
goes by when I dont think of you!

Jarred Brent Patterson
June 3, 1981 ~ May 30, 1999
I love you very much! Not a day
goes by when I dont think of you!

Shawn Daniel Cook
August 9, 1977 ~ December 8, 2001
All my love forever my son, Love you mommyyyyy
"See You On The Other Side"

Jason Mark Cook
June 25 1974 to June 15 1981
Beloved Brother and Son
God and the angels will watch over you Till I can
I love you precious baby boy.
Love Mommy

Durese ( Reesey ) Nelson
November 23, 1961 ~ February 24, 2002
~My sweet moody girl~
I will forever be YOUR Aunt Doo,
Missing you with every breath I take!
Until I see the radiant light which is you once more.
I can almost hear your voice saying,
"Well, Hello YOU!"
Until then, Let it Rain.............
Open the flood gates of Heaven,
and let it Rain........................

Greg Grabher
November 28, 1969 ~ May 11, 2002
"I Miss My Friend", I miss your laughter, your
beautiful smile, those pearly white teeth and your radiant face!
I miss calling to wake you every morning, I miss it
all, the good times and the not so good times.
I only wished I could turn back time!
Until we meet again my sweet Greg.
I love and miss you deeply!

Christopher William Paul Brown
August 15, 1978 ~ August 1, 2001
My son, how I miss your smile.
Love, Dad

Skip Preston Umstead
September 19, 1980 ~ December 13, 1999
Skippy the Cowboy

John Valinaggi
Took His Angel Wings On August 24, 2003
Loving Husband, Father, and Friend to all who knew him.
I will forever miss you and your sense of humor, your
kindness, and the support that you always
showed me, as well as Bob.
~Rest In Peace My friend~
Love, Beth
The words below are for you John.

I believe for every drop of rain that falls,
A flower grows,
I believe that somewhere in the darkest night
A candle glows,
I believe for everyone who goes astray,
Someone will come to show the way,
I believe, I believe.

I believe above the storm a smallest prayer
Will still be heard,
I believe that someone in the great somewhere
Hears every word,
Every time I hear a newborn baby cry,
Or touch a leaf, or see the sky,
Then I know why,
I believe.

Every time I hear a newborn baby cry,
Or touch a leaf, or see the sky,
Then I know why,
I believe.

Andrew Craig Hooker
December 10, 1996 ~ January 9, 2001
Remembered By: Craig & Doris (Parents)
Megan (Sister)
Always Loved ~ Never Forgotten

Irrek Mikel Graves (pronounced Eric)
June 24, 1996 ~ February 26, 2003
Brain Cancer (recurrance)
You were my angel before you were born, you were my
angel when you were here with me on earth,
and now you are my angel in Heaven.
You are always loved and deeply missed.
Love you Baby Boy, Mommy and Daddy

Brittanie Shea Welch
July 17,1989 ~ November 14,2002
I will always miss your warm smile,
the kindness you always shown,
the goodtimes we shared together in 4-H.
You will never be forgotten.
Jena High School

Todd Eric Johnson
April 28, 1977 ~ August 2, 1994
You will be with me forever!! I love and miss you!!
Love your sister,Nikki

Ray Carroll Childree Jr.
February 3,1980 ~ October 22,1996
To my darling son
Ray memories of you are the loveliest
things that last from day to day
They cant get lost, they cant wear out
and they can never ever be taken away from mommy
I love and miss you more than words can say
Until I see you again my darling angel
Love Mommy

Cheryl Ann Black
November 4, 1951 ~ August 4, 2000
Always in my thoughts, forever in my heart.
I love you, Mom!

James Railey
September 4, 1971 ~ February 18, 2001
We still miss you everyday.
We miss hearing your jokes.
Your cousin, Kathy

Patsy Rehberg
April 2, 1943 ~ July 27,2003
Mom we miss you so much and we miss hearing you singing to us.
Not for only being our mother,
but for being our friend,
we love you from your daughters.
Kathy,Robin,Vikie,Marsha,Tilly and Dad

Angelia Register
April 4, 1987 ~ March 13, 1994
Angie we miss you so much I wish God could have
kept you here so we could get to know you.
I can still see your little face smiling and you playing.
But your safe in Gods arms.
Love your Aunts,
Kathy, Robin, Vikie, Marsha and your Mom Tilly

Venetta Cooper
Born July 7, 1915
Resting in the Lord since January 28, 2001
Love, eternally
D. M. Fitzgerald

Jason Christopher Dunn
June 5, 1974 ~ March 13, 1997
Itís lonely here without you,
We miss you more each day,
For life is not the same to us,
Since you were called away.
To your resting place we visit,
Place flowers there with care,
But no one knows our heartache,
When we turn and leave you there.

Scott Edward Griffin
May 29, 1973 ~ October 9, 2004
As I sit and stare at the shimmering moon,
I also sit here and hope to see you soon,
Then I realize I won't be able to see you tomorrow....
So I sit here and cry in sorrow
Now I only uphold a dream which I hope to come true
And that one dream is to be reunited in heaven with you!
I miss your smile, your laugh, most of all I miss you!
I Love You Always and Forever ~ Christina

Christian Victoria (Chrissie) Carrigan
November 14, 1986 to December 06, 2001
Once I held an Angel in my Arms
Now I hold as Angel in my Heart
Forever and Always.
Beloved Daughter, Sister and Friend to all who knew her.
Loved and Missed Forever
Mom, Dad, Sissie and Peter
Class of Northwest High School 2004 will always remember.
Forever 15 years 22 days.

Scott Cole Walker
Forever in our hearts.
You are loved and missed.
Aunt Wanda

Joyce Chappell
March 22,1933 ~ January 9, 2009
I love and miss you mom,
you are always loved, never forgotten.
Love you, Beth

Deborah Denise Matney
October 25,1958 ~ January 28,2009
Loving daughter,wife,mother & nana
will be forever missed
and always in our hearts I love you mom,
Love Cassaundra

Ernest Daniel Tailford
Beloved Father
May 18, 1920 ~ March 26, 1954
I love and miss you daddy,
forever, Kathy

Alma Amelia Tailford
Beloved Mother
April 21, 1921 ~ March 25, 1956
I love and miss you momma,
forever, Kathy

Elmer (Doc) J. Balogh
Beloved Father
September 1, 1929 ~ March 19, 2008
Miss you dad, hugs, Kathy
Hug my boys dad, till I can again.

Peter Messina
March 6, 1958 ~ November 15, 2010
Fly to the Moon
I loved you then and I love you now
Forever Loved, Forever Missed

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