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Ashwin Atre

I run from fright,
from failure, the unfamiliar.
I run from life, running faster
as each day passes,
but from what…
From nothing…
I run
because this run,
this is Life.

Ashwin Atre

I open the physics book,
Read the problem,
And I fall.
A perfect sphere, a perfect cliff beside me,
Abiding by the precise formulas that apply to all.

Defying some of the simplest concepts,
The sphere and I bound by some unknown
Meet the ground in a textbook moment.
I know gravity, but
We do not bounce.

In an ideal dimension, I know all,
There is an explanation
But why?
What is a ruler’s purpose?

With the ability to appreciate
To touch
To sense
To understand a sunset.

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My Love
Ashwin Atre

She glistens,
the midday sun
shining brilliantly
upon her crown.
There she rests,
on the edge
of the pool,
patiently awaiting
my arrival.
Ahh, her whisper beckons,
I draw her closer.
As I gently embrace
her elegant figure
I can feel the perspiration
dripping down her sides.
Finally touching her
mouth to mine,
a sense of refreshment
overwhelms me.

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