Be Mine

© 2003 Black_Aphrodite

Hello, Love... Sweet, Everlasting
Caramel kisses to the One I adore
I never assume that you belong to me
Although I'm always here for you
But you should be my Valentine,
'cause that's what lovers do...

I want to put on my sexiest dress...
all Black with a naughty splash of Red
Mist myself with White Diamonds
A Queen fit to grace your Bed
Your crazy, freaky Goddess for the taking
Whose gonna make you lose your head...

I'm waiting for you to ask me
Because this time you should open up and let me know
I usually don't like to play love games
but you should ask me soon, so I'll be good to go
I don't make idle boasts or empty promises
But February's Sweetest Day, will be be 24 hrs you'll never forget.

So call Hallmark, American Greetings and/or Fannie Mae
and get the rose petals, whirlpool and chessboard ready.
I plan to bring massage oil, some champagne and me...
you'll need to relax, I'll be wearing my new Teddy.

Note: The three images above have been shamelessly borrowed from one of my guestbook posts from kissdisshawty, but since she put it in my guestbook, I consider it "community property". And people, I love "Hello, Kitty"... Kitty Kalendar