by Black_Aphrodite


When I see the Sun falling in the sky,

I often wonder where you are and if you are alone

Because you are the one for me,

At least the one I want to boneÖ


You paged me @ 2:30,

So I know you donít have good intentions

But I guess you have something better in storeÖ

Way too hot too mention


Because night time is the right time,

For what I have in mind

Just one more night for you and me

To slow down and unwind


I feel you wanting me more and more

The moon pulling me from my bed

Youíre an addiction; you know itís true

Strong and potent, going straight to my head


Your thoughts are revealed in the light of the moon

Bathing our sweat-slicked bodies

Closer and closer, Iíll be your guide

Taking you to that magic place, buried deep inside


Because night time is the right time

For us to be together

Secret, stolen moonlit moments

That we both will treasure


Hold me, kiss me, Iím only yours tonight

Itís only me, just with you, and only you can do me right

I reminisce and miss your kiss

Your touch, your stroke, the way you hold me tight


I hear myself calling your name

And I feel your body answer mine

Love me hard and let me feel your passion

Because with you Iím not afraid, this timeÖ


Nighttime is the right time

I want you more and more

So give me you, Iíll give you me,

Each other to exploreÖ

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