You may call me Margarita, the little Mexican senorita,
With a salty lip, donít forget the twist of lime
We can dance with or without a hat
Or we can just have sex on the beach, while I lick your fuzzy navel.
I wonít care if you have your eyes wide shut or focus them on me
Because anything with grenadine will really hit my spot.

We can go to Malibu for a weekend getaway, or travel to Manhattan for a shopping spree. Just because your control isnít Absolut, doesnít mean we canít have a little funÖ

You can be my freaky cocktail, and Iíll fly high for you. Iíll take a shot, and get real hot. Hickory daiquiri, doc. Weíll float away in orange bliss.

We can end the hour with a shower or perhaps taste a Buttery Nipple with a Cherry Kiss.
I want to down your love juice, but itíll go straight to my head,
Because I can be any Dickhead's Delight.
But youíve got to tell me what you need, so I can do it right.

I wanted another cum shot, but you forgot the film,
The way that I feel tonight I need some southern comfort
And Iíll let you have some cookies Ďn cream.

You look a little thirsty, would you like a little of my ďHot Creamy BushĒ?
Or you can be my Orgasmic Fantasy.
Whatever you want, itíll give me pleasure; we can go on an Orange Safari.

You are such a sweet temptation, so Iíll be your Nikki Delight
Letís have a nightcap; I want to wind you down,
You have so much sex appeal, as much as Iíd like to be your candy apple
Iíve got some sleep to stealÖ

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