by Black_Aphrodite

When I asked you about your position on an issue, you asked me how many positions I knew. Although, I wished your mind could wrap around another subject, I donít mind that it is dirty. I just wish for once youíd be serious and stop being so flirty.

I want you to level with me, donít let me fly alone. Youíre what I want, and I am what you need. You probably think Iím full of myself, but I only want to be filled with you. We two have much to share, so be aware what is staring you in the face canít be replaced, so donít waste your time on anyone elseís line.

The time has come to see the Sun and be warmed by itís light so letís take flight tonight, tomorrow, next week, I will seek you out of sight out of mind is where youíll take me with passion without regret that we met, weíll take it slow donít you know youíre the one I want to be with live and learn and earn respect me Iíll respect and not neglect you. I love you so letís chill...the bottle of wine on ice that I will let travel our two hearts along the same path

Of knowledge I will gain and retain my regard for who you are and will become one beneath the Sun, Moon and Star-gazing with me Beloved dream man come home with me tonight because I want you to want me so bad it hurts to want you like this is it.

We can be serious tonight. I feel myself blossoming cream soda bubbles drip of the edge of the tub where I rub your neck and back to you, back to me I feel you cover me with the blanket of your body is calling me closer, closer still I love to hear you say my name this is no game

That Iím playing with you is no mystery youíre the one for me that I want to bone make me moan as only you can be all you can be. It used to take a few good men but I guess I just needed to meet a real one like you, want you, hold me, mold me, I melt like wax into a puddle on your lap letís take a nap, Iím so tired you had me wired, sprung a leak between your sheets you made me so wet Iíll never forget how you made me sweat and I got a jones for you.

So letís rock and roll in the hay weíll do it your way then Iíll be the woman on top, so donít stop this feeling canít stop eating your jays but itís ok, Iím ok and youíre ok at least for today Iíll bide my time to unwind, relax and let it flow let it flow let it flow so that youíll know Iím sick and tired of waiting for you to bend me over and come inside this love of mine so tell me something good.

I keep wondering how far this can go but youíll never know Ďtil you let it show and prove that you can fulfill the requirements are strict and as sweet as your d*@% me down to the ground Iíll be around the corner waiting for my next hit, Iím down with it, so meet me at the lower level so I can have a mouthful of your hot sweet cum but this wasnít supposed to be a dirty poem so Iíll cut this short and keep it sweet and wait until the next time you sweep me off my feetÖ

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