by Black_Aphrodite

This is dedicated to those who participated
looking over your shoulder, getting bolder,
who try to bullshit us and think they're running things,
But they'll rest in peace as the fat lady sings.
When Yahweh made me, he broke the mold
then you ate it, you're a generic, artificial cheese
eating rat mad at my ability to make the cheddar
but pay heed to my words you better
as my friend, you had it all, nothing I would not give you
All I had was yours to have, and you did the dumbest thing you could do
You hurt yourself when you hurt me
but I'll bounce back, because I'm ME!

Take a whiff of the shit that you spit
what you call rhymes, there are times,
when I've had enough of the stuff, you like it rough,
well that's just tough...
Cause I'm mellow and mild,
Like a child, but when I'm wild
I just can't stop, you'll blow your top
when you see what I've created
while you hated, wasted your time
I squeezed the lime on my margarita
Cause I'm sweeta than your ass
could ever be, because I'm ME!

I'm the future, and you are the past, history
to you I'm a riddle an enigma a mystery
pick up a book, read, write and discover
what it takes to be a real poet and a lover.
Your rhymes are weak like instant coffee,
they'll hook you up at starbucks for a small fee
sorry boo this one's on you, carry your own burdens
i love being me, you hate being you, when they open up the curtains...
i have skills, talent, technique
you're just out there, a copycat freak
but i got nothing but love, so don't be embarrassed...
i can't help it that i'm hard when you don't know where your dick is.

You gave up on being original
tried to be Nelly, Tupac, ME and Mystical
Could never create your own style,
Got tired and decided to walk a mile...
In my shoes, Jigga pay your dues,
like everyone else, or hear the boos
it's your audience that you will lose
when you choose to copy me
instead of being you, u want to steal, bite and chew
You're without talent, which is why you're bent
over the toilet upchucking the only thing that is yours
sloppy, lumpy vomit on someone else's floor...

You're sick and tired of being you
what can you do? let's playa hate
Busy telling the world that I ain't shit,
But they're not down with it...
You're telling lies, dropping hints and innuendos
but everybody knows it's my indo that got you high
open your eyes, i'm the hangover without the cure
you're all washed up and diluted, but I'm pure
You cut me I multiply and subdivide
Under a microscope I explode right on your slide
You've tried to study me but I've been studying you
Determination: Ass-Kicking Overdue!

Condition: Critical, Pitiful, Hysterical
that you would think, here have this drink
that you could ever fly above me,
take off those fake -ass wings...
things to do and people to screw
is the motto that you eschew
but you better think because something stinks
and brother we know it's you
been peeking in my phone book to get the hook-up
but before you make a call you better lookup
because i'm fed up with your stupidity
Coroner's report will use words like blunt force trauma and rigidity...

Your funeral will be a sad affair, nobody there
except maybe me to read your eulogy
Dedicated as a warning to those who hate the player,
not the game to whom the playa and the game are the same...
we won't drop names but the fools know who they are
think u can't separate the hangers-on and groupies from the star
but they better recognize 'cause your dead staring eyes
they'll analyze and be very afraid to make the mistakes you made
lying, stealing and dipping in my Kool-Aid, behind my back
talking smack, too dumb to earn the things which you lack
I feel sorry for you even as they put you in the ground
But you hated too much for me to keep you around...

Fool, you think it's just your music,
But it's everything, the way you dress, you talk and you move
It's clear you're unaware,
You should fill out missing persons report for your groove
because you've obviously lost it, take a vacation
if Stella can do it so can you; Buzz off and find some inspiration
call Ms. Cleo before you waste your money
She'll read your future in the cards; It's not bright or sunny...
The adrenaline pumping through your veins
giving false illusions that it's you who holds the reins...
But don't worry, Boo, I'm here for you... to show your ass the door, for you are no more...
pick up your teeth, bus pass, leftover common sense and chin up off the floor.

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