Black_Aphrodite's Warm Welcome

Black_Aphrodite bids you entrance to her domain... Feel free to leave your footprints here, lest she fail to acknowledge your notes and e-mails. Just as Chance favors the prepared mind, Fortune favors the bold... Thank you for coming today. I look forward to repeat visits...
Favorite Quote(s): "He who controls the spice controls the universe." --Dune, my all-time FAVORITE movie
"When you get into a serious relationship, you see the potential and the possibilities in the other person. The most you should ever try to do is make your partner aware of these possibilities." -- Theron, C.
Hobbies: Anything that comes to mind... (MY mind)
Latest News: I am starring in it; just watch and learn...or just watch ;-)
My REAL Astrological Sign(s): Yes, there is more than one... The Goddess was born on the cusp of Aries and Taurus...


Is the lovely Black_Aphrodite unattached? Not exactly a soup question...
What brought you to BP? The beautiful, handsome, intelligent, creative, funny, real, open, crazy-sexy-cool BP community members, of course...
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