by Black_Aphrodite

To me, a HETEROSEXUAL is someone who in the past, present and forseeable future exhibits sexual behavior, sexual attraction, sexual fantasies, emotional preference, social preference, lifestyle preference, and sexual identity indicative of a sexual orientation which prefers the OPPOSITE sex ONLY. This actually EXCLUDES the possibilty of GROUP sex because more than one person's sex will be duplicated.

  1. Sexual Attraction: To whom are you sexually attracted?
  2. Sexual Behavior: With whom have you actually had sex?
  3. Sexual Fantasies: Whom are your sexual fantasies about? (They may occur during masturbation, daydreaming, as part of real life, or purely in your imagination.)
  4. Emotional Preference: Emotions influence, if not define, the actual physical act of love. Do you love and like only members of the same sex, only members of the other sex, or members of both sexes.
  5. Social Preference: Social preference is closely allied with but often different from emotional preference. With members of which sex do you socialize?
  6. Lifestyle Preference: What is the sexual identity of the people with whom you socialize? (Add "All" as a choice for each scale on this card.)
  7. Sexual Identity: How do you think of yourself?
  8. Political Identity: Some people describe their relationship to the rest of society differently than their personal sexual identity. For instance, a woman may have a heterosexual sexual identity, but a lesbian political identity. How do you think of yourself politically?


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