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Some have asked what an aphrodite is... Actually, the question should be "Who is Aphrodite?" Aphrodite, Aphrodisiac, April, Africa, Africus ---> Aphrodisiac Word Origin

Who is Aphrodite?

My name is Nichole. Although it would be fine to meet someone who is fun, funny, compassionate and spiritual, I'm not looking for him right now. I guess I believe that true love will find ME... However, in the spirit of "keepin' it real", someone I respect advised me to seek and ye shall find, but don`t complain about missed opportunity if I didn`t put it out there and got overlooked... OK... not exactly looking, but I'm not liking alone too much either...

If you want to get to know me, you must first relinquish any thoughts of possessing me... Why? Because I'm seeing someone and we're trying to figure this thing between us out. Even if I wasn't seeing anyone, it wouldn't make sense for you to try to get too close, too soon because I am an olny child and used to my space. I would advise you not to encroach on it.

Please don't become distracted or confused because you've seen my pictures. The ones posted were taken on a good day... I have bad days... Relax and have a few conversations with me without grasping and hounding me about possible meetings...

This is me, BTWI believe in love and know that there are good men out there, but every good man isn't MY good man or I would be dating numerous (10 or more) men at the same time.

I am an EXTREMELY romantic woman, mixing a little old-fashioned courtship with some neo-soul passion... Walks at night, sunday drives, going to the movies. I like the simple things in life as well as the new...

I LOVE easy conversation but am not afraid to talk about the difficult issues... Willing to work hard to preserve a GOOD relationship, but able to fully DISMISS a toxic one.

I'm mature enough to deal with DRAMA, but will NOT tolerate DARK COMEDY or TRAGEDY. So if you used to be a woman, want to have sex with a man, have more than three (3) children by more than two women, have a woman who is currently impregnated by you, have a live-in lover, are married, separated, been divorced less than a year, trying to pursue your ex, attempting to juggle romantic relationships, homeless, on parole or eluding prosecution... please hit the road jack (jacqueline, bozo, astro or fido) and don't come back no more, no more, no more...

I positively ADORE a physically attractive man, one who takes care of himself in mind, body and spirit... What woman in her right mind would pursue a man bereft of these qualities? He MUST be intelligent, goal-oriented, open minded and able to compromise.

I don't respect men who have no respect for themselves nor do I have love for those who would waste my time. I feel that it is hypocritical and most ridiculous for brothers to claim women just want money, when all they want to do is buy you things in order to have sex with you... Perhaps they are not aware of how generalizations come to be... Besides, I don't just want money, I like clothes, perfume, jewelry, fine dining, video games, CDs, DVDs, fast cars, action movies and sex, too. ;-)

Me again...I have friends who date more than one person. I've dated more than one person, and, unlike many others, I will generally tell you this up front. Contrary to some people's beliefs, it isn't because I have past baggage or someone hurt me and now I'm just wild. But I do not recognize dating as a secure relationship sanctioned by God, family or any other governing body. Marriage isn't a 100% guarantee of happiness either, but it's a good attempt at commitment and should be given the proper respect.

There are only three (3) conditions in which I will see only one (1) person. (a) we have an understanding, which means he's looking for the ring, (b) we're engaged which means we're looking for a place to live or (c) we're married and it would look strange if I continue to date other men...

Men still don't ask the right questions... If they did, they would read my page and know that I like to stay in and read a lot. They would also know that my birthstone is a diamond and I prefer a marquise setting for rings, hearts and oval shaped pendants, and teardrops only for earrings. I don't like gold very much; I prefer silver or platinum. Sounds materialistic, right? WRONG!!! I just love pretty things. My favorite colors range from red to blue... Purple is royally cool, but PINK usually wins hands down, though... I love flowers (lilies), poetry (good poetry, not the kind written just to get you laid), great food and anything that brings to mind joy or an overall feeling of well-being... Water is my favorite element, although Earth, Wind and Fire is one of my favorite music groups. Love is my favorite emotion.

I believe in pampering myself (when I can afford it), but I am not afraid to let a man pamper me (in fact, sometimes I quite enjoy it, so no stingy, parsimonious prigs allowed). I'm not going to feel ashamed because I'm just a girlie-girl and a man's kind of woman. I like to feel soft, tender and moisturized... I love to smell good. I love my nails when they're manicured and polished. At this moment, nothing sounds better than a hot bubble-bath, listening to Aaron Neville's "I Can't Imagine". Well, it's the best thing at this time, since I don't have a man...

Universal's The Hulk - 2003 Photo  Copyright Universal PicturesI can't wait to see The Hulk, which has a release date of June 20, 2003. But I really can't wait to play the game. You'll be able to tear up the environment and use it as a weapon. Pretty cool, huh?

I think men get abused by women who realize that they want to use cookie-cutter routines to get gourmet results... I already know what I want, so I'm not out to hurt anyone except in self-defense. Speaking of self-defense, I like KICK-A$$ (not too sensitive for profanity, just not afraid to mention money) video games. All the blood, gore and senseless violence of the news and the Lifetime movie-of-the-week brought to me direct from the brilliant minds at Sony and Microsoft... Right now, I'm looking for someone to play with. Tell me, are you that somebody?

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