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Do Not Buy Apple Computer Products

Apple Website

I recently just purchased an iPod Nano second generation. But the iPod was defective but still brand new, only 12 days after the purchase. Return Policy and warrenty was still on contact, But the employees think that it's an "accidental damage" so they wont let me return it even when the return policy was not over. Even with the valid warrenty, that doesn't even cover the damage either. Worst of all, they (the manufacturer) tell me to find a 3rd party repair center to repair the product. It was a second generation Nano and only came out for two weeks so I doubt any unauthorized repair center would even know how to fix it. If anyone reads this even other manufacturering headquarters it may seem unbelieveable but Apple is this way indeed. I never even expect or think of this kind of a poor customer service ever until the day I brought it back to the apple store. All of us together in joining forces should boycott apple products until apple agrees to have a better customer service than the current.