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Welcome to my poetry pages.  All of my poems are original works (so please do not copy them and claim them as your own, they are copyrighted) and are available for purchase in beautiful hand-made custom frames with non-glare glass.  If you would like to see a sample, please click HERE.  Each framed poem is $5.00 plus $2.50 shipping. When placing an order (you can use the handy on-line order form by clicking on the "Order A Poem" button below), please be sure to order by poem title. You are also invited to join my Mailing List and you will automatically be notified by email when new poems have been added. There is absolutely no obligation whatsoever to purchase when joining the mailing list. When joining my mailing list your privacy is absolutely assured. No unsolicited email will be sent to you from Angela's Notes, nor will we every release any of your information supplied to us to any other party. All information supplied to us will be kept strictly confidential  

My poems are about life, love, relationships and personal goals.  I hope you enjoy your visit.  If you just want to come back and visit to see what's new and enjoy the poetry, you are more than welcome, so please come back often as I will be adding new poems on a regular basis.  Also, please take a moment to sign my Guestbook, I love to hear from my visitors.

A Hero

He works a normal job everyday
He takes care of four kids alone
He wakes before 6:00 am to take care of home

No one knows his fears,
Nor does anyone know the sound of his tears.

He's a proud man that doesn't let his family down,
Just for that alone, he deserves a crown.

People pass him up everyday
Not realizing a hero is standing right in their way.

Keep your head up, Hero

The Sands Of Time

As I look back on my life
Images appear and disappear
I look back on all of my mistakes,
As they all are like grains of sand

Shifting and sifting I have learned to be.
Learning and growing now the eye can see.

Loving, living and forgiving is
Where my soul yearns to be.
Evolving, revolving and touching
Lives over the sea.

Much like when the sea meets the beach,
Controlled by the moon's tide.
I will meet with my destiny
And become immortal like
The Sands Of Time

In The Middle

I was with the one I love tonight
I was with the one who loves me last night
See, the one I love, all we do is fight
The one that loves me, makes everything all right
I tried to tell my love, that it is over
And I told the one that loves me,
He deserves better.
But my love put his hand in mine and said,
"It's me and you forever"
And the one that loves me said,
"I will leave you never"
So I guess I am in the middle?

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