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Damion Amaru Mitchell

I Am So Very Special

I am so very special I have been from the start.
Before they held me in their arms
My family held me in their hearts.
And like a single drop of rain That
on still waters fall,
My life and love will ripples make
And touch the lives of all.
So read this precious story
As step by step I grow.
I am a special
blessing and gift
As each page here will show.

One Day You'll be a Man

Darling baby, our pride and joy,
I hold you close, my little boy.
One day you will be a man,
so let me cuddle you while I can.
Your little hand grips mine tight,
while you fight sleep with all your might.
But I don't mind these wakeful hours,
this time together that's all ours.
When you're a man I'll hold your child,
and remember this with a gentle smile.
Because time goes by so terribly fast,
let's take this time and make it last.

My Little Boy

Do you Hear,
What is so Near?
Those happy little Feet,
Who Never miss A Beat.
The Happy Joy,
Of my little Boy.
Who's silly Laugh,
Makes me Whole Not Half.
And Then at Night,
When He's tucked in Tight.
Will he ever Know,
How much I Love Him So?