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Little One

Little One with skin so fair
Are you hiding in that bush over there?
I am but who are you, asked the child?
In a voice so small, meek and mild

Little One you've been crying
There is no fear in knowing you're dying
when was the last food you had to eat?
Day before yesterday but I had no meat

I found some bread covered with mould
I ate very little for I was so cold
I came to my bush where I felt secure
For I knew I was not long in this world to endure

Little One, how old might you be?
I learned in school I am two times three
Then how is it you're all alone?
My mommy died and I have no home

Little One you are soon to be seven
And I've come here to take you to Heaven
I'll carry you home to be with your mother
And did you know you have a big brother?

Little One so meek and mild
You are so small and only a child
I'll take care of you from here on out
You'll never hunger or be without

For I am the Lord and will take you away
You must not suffer for one more day
There are many children where we must go
And each of them you'll get to know

Little One it's time you see
Your little soul yearns to be free
Come and let me pick you up
From here on out I will fill your cup

And sot the child arose to His arms
The little one with so many charms
Became an Angel in the world afar
At night you can see her, she's the brightest star

Artist and Poet
Nancy Minnick
Oregon, U.S.A.
Dec 2001

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