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James Welch

Fools Crow

Cover of the book “Fools Crow” by James Welch


The purpose of this website is to give an idea of how good or how bad the book “Fools Crow” by James Welch could be.

The main objective is to introduce the reader to the book and to immerse him into the world of Welch’s “Fools Crow”, after the reader finishes going trough this web site he will have an idea himself of what to think and evaluate if the book is worth the while.

The review of the book shows the plot’s main points along with some themes and characterization, conflicts and the mood of the story

The setting page will immerse you into “Fools Crow’s” place and time.

This is Alberto Rechy’s summer reading project for English III with Ms. Brabham, this is not a professional web site and may not be treated as one. Anyone may copy the written and graphic material without restriction.

Enjoy                                                            Alberto Rechy

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