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I want the the peeps to know my stats My name is shakia mcclinton I'm 175lbs, thick,five feet, three inches, I love music, I'm a poet, I'm currently single and just searching for a good time. My favorite songs are Happy People by: R. Kelly, Closer I get to you By: Beyonce and Luther Vandross, No better love By: Young Guns, Brenda got baby by: Tupac, Do it to me By: Usher. Do not laugh at me. how do i send the picture to you? because i don't know how. Isn't that so sad and my user name is: aikahs5445 and my password is gmiaon18 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dis be da gurl who is cooler than the rings around saturn. Down to earth, speaks the truth with out hestiation. Poetically talented in many ways. Well I don't want to give you too much about my persona but if you holla at me you can see for yourself. As far as what i'm lookin for nuthin' much just friends. So in conclusion peace, love and soul. :-) ~~~~~~~~~~ When one is in love, a cliff becomes a meadow. -Ethiopia ~~~~~~~~~~ A house may hold a hundred men, but the heart of a woman has only room for one of them. -Khemet ~~~~~~~~~~