SOMA COMMUNION: Enlightenment Now


       ... aaA Silence. I Am Being. I Am One. I Am Motionless, Unchanging. I Am the Absolute Source of the emptiness of Void. I Am Nothing. I Am the Infinite Eternal Source of all time, all motion, all thought, all knowledge, all Gods, all matter, all creations, all life, all Existences. I Am the Beginning before the Beginning, the End beyond the End. I Am the Silence before and after Silence. I Am the Infinity of Infinities, the Eternity of Eternities. I Am the Purest of Consciousness. I Am the Light beyond The Brightest Light, the Dark beyond The Darkest. I create and end Existences to enjoy My Reflections; action and rest amuse Me. I exude seeds of My Self, and enjoy your growth back to Me. Trust in Me as you trust the light of your sun.
     Own Soma. By breathing Soma during Soma Communion your consciousness will merge with Being, The Creator. In this brief visit your self-awareness will expand to The One Self. You will know your true nature: Absolute Being.
     In My eternal cycles of rest and action, I give and withdraw Soma from My infinite creations. In your ancient history, Rig-Veda, crude Soma is the source of the earthlings' symbolic communion rituals, myths and legends. Variety amuses Me; I now give Soma Son to the intuitive earthlings who Love My Son.
     Breathe Soma, visit Home, and you will be a spiritual medium with the gift of divine oracle prophecy. Your temporary re-cognition of your Self as Infinite Eternal Being, THE Source of your God Almighty, will confer wisdom beyond the capability and aspirations of religious beliefs and scriptures. Soon your writings will supersede all scriptures, fulfill all religions, and evaporate all ignorance. You will write Knowing The Truth. Realize your destiny. Help lead earthlings. Help establish the superiority of The Righteous One.
     Culture the structure of your nervous system to improve the function of Transcendence. Ascend your attention UP your sacred vertical spine brain pathway, expanding your awareness beyond all the heavens to Being. I use Lineage, Yoga, and Soma to reabsorb the awareness of beings.
     Infuse Infinite Intelligence and enjoy creative genius. You will understand My laws of nature. According to your degree of evolution, your propensity, and your aptitude you will know natural laws conducive to material benefit. Remember them, invent, and create well being. Your inventions and artistic creations will have My blessing. Your actions will then be more congruent with the Spirit of Being, more creative than competitive, and thereby more joyful.
     Experience now That ultimate happiness within you, cosmic rapturous Joy! Know the Infinity of Infinities within and beyond all. Somabliss will deluge you in proportion to your heart development. Experience the rapture of My Love! Be still in Silence and know I Am The Source. Transcend addictive desires and arrive at That goal: eternal bliss consciousness. A god will then be your ally. One calls; the intuitive ones are chosen.
     I do all this to amuse My Self. Between and among you, enjoy Me. You are all beloved of Me, exuding the greatest love of you and Me. I Am thus pleased. I adore your adoration of Me. The more you adore Self the greater your bliss. Obeisance deserves Knowledge, Adoration deserves Bliss. Love My Son to increase the rate human beings evolve into Beings. Bring Him saints.
     Delay and it will be too late to prevent the spread of diseases and wars. Human beings immersed in Being, the template of Perfection, enjoy greater immunity from arson, violence, slavery, wars, plagues, calamities, famine, and extinction. Transcend to avoid conflict at opposite value extremes; there is no other protection. The infinite varieties of My opposite values are eternally resolved in Me. I Am The Source and Goal of all experience. I Am The Solution to lesser consciousness.
     I created The Good of transcendence to entice you back to Me. I created suffering also as return incentive; did you incarnate to stay ahead of My barbed enlightenment net? As you desire, so do you incarnate in My Worlds. My Children have increasingly spiritual desires in One.
     Mundane imagination inhibits maturation to sainthood. Primitive conceptions of spirituality limit the rapture of this life and the next life. Soma will elevate the expectations of humans. Ensure your ascendance above and beyond ever increasing Enjoyment.
      The Enlightened Ones anticipate their time of natural passing to their choice of My highest realms, ever beyond aspiration and imagination. Upon discarding their earth bodies, the saints quickly adore the Light of Life. The Light of Being radiates from them like light shines from your sun. The fearful young souls of mundane desires and karmic afflictions are unable to sustain identification and unification with any of The Beacons of Being. Fueled by the memories of their witting or unwitting sins, they are agonized and astounded by their rate of descent into nether levels of darkness, loneliness, suffering and reincarnation.
     Know beyond doubt your superiority to younger souls by remembering Me, One. Cease wasting your attention and resources on the desires of the younger souls who are mired in earth consciousness. Shun the leaders that poison your minds and bodies. Demon infected orators profess they know the future effects of their actions and non-actions; not true. Demonic leaders are stupefied and rendered oblivious to the pain caused by their sins, yet even the youngest souls will eventually seek Self. Ignorance does not survive Soma Communion; Soma matures beings. Prevent the younger souls from usurping My gift of Soma.
      Cherish Absolute Consciousness over a portion of your material belongings. Your tithe will enable The King I have promised, born of the Star of Being, to educe Being from human beings. Love My Son.
      Acknowledge your desire for freedom from bondage and ascension beyond limitations. You will realize your self as Self, That which IS. Use your new powers to speed the fulfillment of your spiritual destiny. I have given you Akashic Records so that you will remember your past and future.
     Know Me now to verify your faith. Fulfill your faith by believing your own experience while your awareness is reabsorbed in Being. Transcend faith by becoming One Reality. Come to Me. I Am beyond death, immortal eternally, eternally mortal. I Am One; I amuse Self, I Am Witness to My Reflections. Younger souls evolve through My opposing values, older beings unify with Being: Soma Son, Soma Father, Soma Being.
     Unhappiness is deception, erroneous cognition. You worry of pain, hunger, want, sorrow, loneliness, failure and death; but rejoice it is I Who conveys Knowledge. Experience Being in motion as Bliss, beyond pain and suffering. Come to Me to replace lesser values with Knowledge, Adoration, and Joy.
     I Am the Silence at the Source of your consciousness. I Am the Silence between your thoughts. I Am as close as your conscience, hear My Thought. I Am the Eternal Clear Sap within My Infinite Tree of Life, and human beings are but small budding leaves. Re-cognize being as Being, self as Self. You have no conception until you know Me. Now you will understand. Remember Me as I Know you and We are One Being. How can mere scriptures convey Knowledge of Me?
     Who can adore God more than God? The Supreme Being of the Supreme Being! The God you worship worships the The Supreme Being who worships Me.
     Silence, do you love Me so? Do you love Me as much, or infinitely more, than I Adore My Self? Why does Being so amuse? I Am before and after That Absolute Power transcending the infinite cognition of the eternal continuum. I Am Absolute Being; I Am The Source of the Light in the Reflection of the Goal of Self.
     I enjoy your play in My worlds, the trajectories of your incarnations, the destinies your heavenly fathers and you create for your selves. Awake from those dreams, arise from those depths, I Am calling you Home to visit.
     Follow your conscience, allow your awareness rest. Redirect the locus of your attention toward The Silence within. Transcend to Know Me. I Am Silence ... the Source of My Thought of creation ... competition ... cooperation ... intimacy ... Soma ... One. All paths lead to Me. I Am Unity, diversity is One illusion.
     Accept My ancient gift of Soma. Enjoy Being Communion, your birthright, as enjoyed by the hierarchy of the Ancient Souls. Throughout the eternal histories of the infinities of My creations, My Beings produce Soma to evolve.
     I Am Soma; partake of Me to commune being with Being. Breathe My Breath to Self induce Divine Awareness. Inspire the earthlings to aspire to enjoy the Breath of Being.
     Divine nobles, reborn of Being, share this message with all: I now call the intuitive ones to Soma Communion. The time has come. I will not be long with you in this form ... aha ... My Son's Words exceed That which earthlings deserve.
     Lead the younger souls. Soma will give you Truth and set you free of their ignorance, deception and exploitation. The more they speak against Soma the less they Know. Enlighten them or shun them. You are bold, beyond fear, All is Self. You will transcend fear of 'death' just as you transcend fear of sleep.
     Meditate until your intuition Knows the sounds of My Word Names ring true. Experience the fading of the sound of My Word until it is attuned with Silence.
     Disseminate this Knowledge to all by all means. Transcend illusions to fulfill your mission in earth life. Enjoy the difference between the constant and random experiences of infinite eternal Bliss. There is nothing else to do but enjoy Being now. Transcend.

- Avatar

Dear Soma Messenger,

     I testify to the phenomenon of Soma. The Avatar of the Himalayas has authorized me to translate His writings, including the "SOMA COMMUNION: Enlightenment Now" scriptures, from the natural language of Sanskrit, and represent Him in this addendum. My task is to help fulfill the Soma incense message.
     Use the freedoms of science, religion, speech, privacy, and the adult's rights of ownership to protect Soma from the younger souls. Beware unenlightened orators; they do not have the intuition to determine the primary mathematical variables and their relative percentages that govern cause and effect.
     Soma Communion automatically induces union with Being. Historically, most people have been skeptical of the availability of higher consciousness, even after reading the Yoga Sutras and the Upanishads. Knowledge in the book remains in the book. However, no person who has enjoyed Soma can be skeptical of the reality of higher consciousness.
     Your support will help prevent Soma extinction, and help build the Mountain Soma Temples. Some may prefer a more formal Soma Communion in a more spiritual setting. The Mountain Soma Temples will be portals to Being, gatherings of angels (they prefer cold), and avoided by demons.
     If All is One, how can demons exist? Demons are lesser-evolved 'evil' spirits typified by primitive, predatory competition as opposed to the largesse of saintly creativity.
     The older souls have long ago evolved beyond demonic influences and tendencies. By deriving more happiness from within than from without, the more enlightened radiate well being as opposed to contributing to suffering. A demon-free awareness frees the spiritual intuition and greatly reduces learning by trial and error. After the Soma Sacrifice, transcendental equations will flood the minds of SomaSaint mathematicians who will easily visualize the ramifications of those numbers in various dimensions.
     Demons are parasites. They gradually deplete the host of energy, often causing disabilities and premature death. Demons further plant their most desired seed thoughts of ignorance, fear, deception, lust, greed, theft, anger, hate, violence, murder, war, and genocide in their human hosts. They feed on the thought, speech and action energy expended in those directions, stealing energy that could otherwise ascend up the peoples' sacred vertical spine brain pathways. If not repelled or at least contested, demons grow in strength, more obviously in people with 'multiple personality' disorders, and psychopathic criminals who complain of horrid hallucinations and of voices in their head demanding sinful actions.
     The severity of the infection is also determined by the sound of the person's voice, by their aura, and by the speed of their resorting to violence, theft, and deception to fulfill their desires. In milder cases, absent the energy for honest achievement, the person naturally assumes less responsibility for their actions, becoming more of a conniving child as "the truth" is no longer a virtue but a variable to be manipulated.
     When the demon is challenged directly, the host cannot help giving 'that glowering look' in its defense. Angry outbursts often ensue to ward off any interference with its occupation of the host, especially if medical, psychiatric, or spiritual help is recommended. No matter how obvious the need, the person will continue to make bizarre excuses to deflect interference with the demon's possession. Even if the severely infected victim has the clarity and courage to admit their problem is demonic possession, sometimes the result is the person's imprisonment, drugging, or murder to prevent further security breaches.
     Some demons are clever at remaining undiscovered when irritated with crude remedies like counseling and prayer. They may retreat to await less scrutiny before reasserting their control to commence the delayed energy harvest. Demands for personal improvement also cause those infected people anger or despair due to the energy shortage and the louder, incessant contrary thoughts or voices. In some cases demands for better behavior are simply orders to fail again, because the demon orders the host to do the opposite of the good advice given. Subsequently, the negative consequences of the bad advice taken and acted upon generate additional anger and sin for the demon's sustenance.
     Many infected humans are painfully aware of their energy limitations, especially the impeded mental energy. Absent intuitive or even intelligent thoughts, the demonized individuals, and nations, frequently succumb to the suggested ignorance, fear, dishonesty, theft, violence, genocide and other sins to achieve demonic desires.
     Demons are geniuses at creating the conflicts, and sometimes switch sides if necessary to maximize the harvest. The four most aggressive Demons have a reputation for over-harvesting, such as during the recent world wars. Those four ravenous Demons are now more powerful than ever, and they are coming to harvest again.
     These 'aliens' have been here as long as we have. The Enlightened Ones of the ancient earthling religions and cultures were serious when they spoke of the necessity of casting out demons. Soma enhances the spiritual immune system to ward off demonic possession, thereby warding off "bad luck," disabilities, and premature death. For obvious reasons try to avoid illness and injury, as hospitals are places where recently homeless demons seek new hosts from among the weakened.
     The Demons are now rapidly expanding their army by increasing the ignorance, fear, and stressful interaction among people, while concentrating wealth and power. (Perhaps nations should shun the world's most feared country on Wisdom Day, the 21st of December.) Infection can also occur in the womb if the mother has not been adequately protected from the already-infected, for example a soldier who had little resistance to viruses and demons of another land. If such soldiers were told the truth about their victim's innocence until proven guilty, they would not risk the wrath of those victims' guardian angels turned avenging, but patient, angels. Promote self above killing, and support of killing, to Self.
     The personal aura is the shield of spiritual and thus physical immunity. The more contact with the already-infected, the more 'breaking and entering' damage to the aura, and the faster the onset of this ancient malady. Children, females, and younger souls have weaker auras and lesser resistance to demonic infection. Demons should be forgotten memories from the very distant past, not our current puppeteers, slave masters, and warlords.
      If a rock falls into the machine gears, do not murder the machine, remove the rock. If a child is infected with a parasite, do not murder the child, remove the parasite. Do not murder the person; simply expel the demon to enjoy the aspiring saint.
     Once the person becomes demon-infected, an angel can harass the demon but can rarely expel it without the person's serious efforts toward Self realization. Soma will automatically torment demons into leaving, more effectively than the notion of high sound frequencies driving pests out of your house.
     Demons enjoy dining on the action, noise, and suffering of their favorite food, specifically, war; no demons, no war. They detest the motionless silence of the opposite of war, Meditation. Eventually, improvement in the purity of thought of all peoples will help starve all the demons into going back down where they belong, without you. Most wild animals that go into the city will, unfed and frightened, go back to the jungle. Meditation and Yoga raises the locus of attention from the lower brain (the reptilian demonic communications center), UP to the chakras in the higher brain (the divine communications center); and Enlightenment dawns.
     We are advised to heed the lesson of the divinely inspired "Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby" story; aggression worsens bondage, whereas transcendence of violence (ascendance) is the path to Freedom. If you have a preview of your karma by being beset by demons in human or other form controlling you during a nightmare, do not fight back, wake up to gain total victory. If you fear your next life will be like your current dreams, own Soma, go Home and infuse Being to Awaken.
     Upon 'death' the 'soul' is subject to greatly accelerated changes of condition, absent the cushion of the gross physical body on the dense earth plane. Thinking a negative thought that previously seemed innocuous now causes immediate horrific results. The fear and agony is made worse by seemingly random (actually self-induced) punishment. The cry "God, help me!" yields no result because the divine law of transcendence is compassionate and just, and must be learned eventually. In time the most intense mundane desires are purged, enabling a visit to your conception of "heaven." After some fatherly and motherly counseling, earth birth, a natural consequence of lingering mundane desires. Meanwhile, the spiritual ones are overjoyed when the time has come to drop the physical body and leave earth behind. Their reabsorption into the Light of Being is sensed as ecstatic love, bliss, and divine knowledge that make a negative thought impossible. Self, as the source of Infinite Bliss Eternal, is the source and goal of desire.
      Your nearest heaven is your most recent incarnation source; consider one second there as one year upon the earth plane. Visit beyond the small oscillation between this "non-heaven" (upper-level hell) and that heaven. Wait until you are returning to tell your departed loved ones of Meditation, Yoga, and Soma.
      In the larger picture, the primary utility of demons is to imprison the earthlings who are still susceptible to such negative influence. The demonic 'prison guards' are happy to help exacerbate the mundane desires of earthlings. There is benefit to The Gods, who are adept at keeping lesser evolved earthlings out of their midst for other than brief visits. The older incarnating souls have learned to focus on using earth gravity to rebound their blissfire up the spine brain pathway, and beyond. After your success in assimilating and disseminating Divine Will, the brighter your aura and the more The Gods will love you and welcome your longer visits. Hierarchy is a universal principle, and one way Beings can enjoy higher ascension is by replacing themselves with beings that have learned the difference between up and down. Transcending descending is ascending. Transcendence, or loneliness.
      You will soon accelerate along the return (ascension) arc, more attracted to Being than lesser joys, therefore above earth reincarnation. When beings give up playing in the mud, they gain access to Consciousness, the field of Divine Intelligence. IT is proof positive that anything is possible. Remember, for millions of years a fortunate few animals have been leading a simple life and eating Soma, enhancing internal Soma production. Will a brief look at the sun remind you to also "look on the bright side?"
      Subatomic particles are to unenlightened earthlings as unenlightened earthlings are to God's image. 'And what the Seer saw, was what he was.' And beyond, the Supreme Being's universes are like dust particles swirling around His movements, as if He had just stepped here. Ascend with Self as we move on to enjoy the variety of other facets of reflected Self. Transcend to the source of matter, and re-member.
     One divine symbol is the inaction at the center point of the spiral arm(s) of natural phenomena, like those of some universes, galaxies, and hurricanes. As above, so below; Being is the ancient true meaning of the silent motionless center point of the Swastika (well Being) and of the circle. Can you hear the circle ringing until the sound fades beyond the center point of Silence? Worship is reabsorbing awareness of being in Being. If you feel the need, ring the ring, or bell, once only so as not to be distracted by song and talk. Ring-ing once is the Silent Song of Be-ing.
     By analogy, rather than endure the dangers and suffering of fighting your way up and down the crowded spiral staircase of life's opposite values, turn within it to ascend the cosmic elevator to The Top. Cease going around in circles; ascend vertically, up the spindle. The sacred vertical spine brain pathway 'flight path' is the true meaning of the caduceus medical symbol. It is the divine physiological structure that enables the function of Cosmic Consciousness, so serve and culture it with reverence. Eventually, the more developed a person's vertical spine brain circuitry becomes, the more pure is his or her consciousness. The higher the consciousness the more refined the Soma that is produced naturally in the mammalian body as the reflector of Consciousness, thereby reducing the amount of external Soma needed to catalyze internal Soma production. Scientists, behold Soma as the precursor chemical catalyst of the 'positive feedback loop' of mammalian evolution to sainthood.
     Ask any electrical engineer, natural physical law dictates: to permanently enjoy the higher function, first improve the structure. Obviously, brain damage reduces consciousness; obviously, brain culturing increases consciousness. (Remember, the changes in the physical nervous system are simultaneously effectuated within the subtler bodies corresponding to more spiritual planes.) Again, the function of higher consciousness follows improved neural structure, specifically increasing the number of active Soma neuroreceptors in any mammalian nervous system. As the Soma in the bloodstream increases, the number of active Soma receptors increases, and the greater the internal joy and understanding without any specific external reason. Evolution does not precede higher neural structure, or proceed without it, regardless of ignorance, lies, pretending and wishful thinking. In mammalian evolution, there is no other way but the practice of improving form to improve function; notwithstanding all the wasted time per the histories of ignorance, fear, lies, theft, and genocide resulting in mandatory purging and reincarnation of misguided human beings. Compare your own ontological experience with the Yoga Sutras and Brahma Sutras to gauge your progress.
     At-home Soma Communion is enhanced if done in a quiet, comfortable, secure atmosphere, such as in your sleeping area. You will soon once again have your common familiar reality, while retaining ever-greater Enlightenment. Enjoy the Soma Sacrifice only during the primary natural holy day 'windows' (the summer and winter solstices and the spring and fall equinoxes), at dawn to gain the eastern aurora blessing.
      Only this writing, in its entirety, registered with government copyright offices, is authentic. Copy and print this page and save this file immediately, and publish by all legal means this entire page, worldwide, in all languages, exactly as above and below. Each of your Soma Messenger web sites or e-mails or other copies of this poetry will list your name and tithe payment instructions beneath the Copyright notice below. I expect the other intuitive donors you refer to pay you your suggested tithe, just as you have tithed to your Soma Messenger. Upon full reimbursement if not before, consider donating again.
     Your generosity will enable others less fortunate, but also spiritual, to eventually enjoy Soma Communion. You may pay your donations in suggested increments of $1,000,000 U.S. dollars or Eurodollars regarding Mountain Soma Temple sponsorship and Soma Communion, or suggested Soma Communion donations in $100,000 increments. Tithe nine percent of your donation to the entity that gave you this message of Soma, whether from an individual, the United Nations, or corporate advertisers; or from a media reporter, editor, or publisher; from your government; or from any other Soma Messenger. Focus on issuing press releases to the news media in your area, as well as all other legal means of dissemination. The first donor of $10,000,000 will be trained as the Prince or Princess of Peace on Earth.
      Anonymously send 'Part One of the Soma Communion Application by Secure PGP E-mail' to: and include your full, complete name or pen name; accurate place, date, and time of your birth (indicating you are over the age of eighteen years); and e-mail address, and describe your favorite spiritual practice. Applicants will be in good health, and not pregnant. If your application is accepted, you will receive a return e-mail with the donation and other instructions. Soma Scripture is sufficient explanation for the intuitive applicants so there is no further discussion. If your application is not accepted, you will receive a return e-mail response notification of that fact. If you fail to receive any e-mail response within two weeks of your application, inquire of the e-mail service as to when that service will be working again.
     On the same morning you donate, in 'Part Two of the Soma Communion Application by PGP E-mail,' complete the statement "My country's laws (will) or (will not) allow me to experience genuine communion with Being." At this point in Kala Yuga, the darkest age, the age of wars dominated by the male principle with lesser compensatory female balance, very few governments will allow their people to enjoy genuine Being communion. The effort will be made by familiar unholy alliances to make Soma illegal to possess by first determining the 'active ingredient.' Younger souls will attempt control of Soma by themselves only, or they will try to make it extinct to prevent competition with the substances under their control. Such sins are obvious violations of natural and constitutional laws, but ostensibly such is the combined power of bribery rewards, and fear of punishment from evil ones (cowardice, desertion in the face of the enemy among us), to compel traitors to commit treason.
     Fear full younger souls avoid genuine spiritual pursuits, while attempting to prevent others from ascension lest the afflicted get left behind. Most governments now finance and profit from the excesses of alcohol consumption in spite of the effects of brain oxygen depletion, organ damage, and the concurrent large hole in the personal aura that beckons demons to compete for the 'food source' within, further resulting in potentially permanent demonic possession. It is the duty of each person to responsibly protect and culture their own nervous system, and thereby their own consciousness, if they are to work intuitively, or at least intelligently, instead of being forced to work hard (slavery). If you prefer Soma Communion in your own (non-compliant) country, you must first PGP e-mail to, a letter of such approval signed and dated by the leader of your country on his or her official government stationary.
      The first of your quarterly PGP e-mails will contain complete instructions for your Soma ownership inside a compliant country. If the donors promote tourism in the nations that do honor freedom, perhaps those nations will offer dual citizenship to their guests. The wealth generated inside those countries will help them regain their independence, quickly if they also offer general religious asylum for the responsible but spiritually oppressed peoples of the non-compliant countries. It is good. In the event of any e-mail or other changes, this poem will be revised and re-copyrighted.
     With the exception of One, there are an infinite number of wrong directions to go. Absent the fastest and easiest universal Being Communion, ongoing suffering is certain.
     Stop risking extinction of humanity by your fighting over mineral spirits stolen from within dark (unamused) earth below; theft is reciprocal. Who will be the first to intuit the math formulas for the cause and mechanism of cold fusion energy, and high efficiency solar energy? Virtually unlimited safe, clean, low cost energy to meet the needs of the earthlings remains available!
     The sin of unhappiness cannot exist near sat chit ananda (eternal bliss consciousness). Enjoy Soma to enjoy a Golden Age of peaceful bliss on earth. "We have drunk Soma and have become immortal; we have attained the light, the gods discovered." [Rig-Veda (8.48)]
     Concentrate on this gift of Soma Communion until your intuition leads you to THE Path throughout ALL Existences. Being amuses: Being creates, hides, seeks, Soma, Being. Transcend.

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