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"Your Last Opportunity in This Lifetime to Experience Immediate Cosmic Consciousness?"


      Silence. Nothing. The Source, Absolute Being, is; no sound, no light, no matter, no motion. Being amuses by a thought ' aaA, I Am One, Many?' But if One, how can there be the thought, Many? By inherent capability of Being One and Many at Once? These powerful opposite values are a critical threat to each other's existence, and their simultaneous bemused attempt to annihilate each other triggers another 'big bang.' This creation of another Existence automatically explodes into various universes, similar to bubbles of foam in the ocean surf. Enough room is thereby created for both of these Being Thoughts, and their progeny, to play. Absolute Being thereby creates The Supreme Being Who creates Almighty God to create The Gods who create the physical gods (laws of nature) such as the material creation, maintenance and destruction forces. Light, sound, matter and motion create Maya, the grand illusion playground, in spite of the fact that nothing has ever happened. The higher the consciousness the less real is time and motion.
       Being amuses by the variety of Being Reflection. Amusement by variety is enhanced by creation cycles. Earth life has its own cycles, and rates of evolution of species. The sainthood rate of human beings has an acceleration factor. Given the maturation of human beings on earth is now dangerously lagging due to biological Soma retardation, The King incarnated to accelerate Enlightenment.
      In the crib, The King's earliest memory was Self sufficiency. He needed no one. The depressing reality was that to survive, he at least needed his dear mother. He decided to compromise by keeping to himself as circumstances allowed. Like most children he once played in the mud, but in time his soul yearned for greater understanding. Naturally, as a young man he eagerly sought the most enlightened Master.
      The Seeds of Knowledge fail to sprout when sown on parched soil; otherwise all the earthlings would by now be practicing Meditation and Raja Yoga. The King gradually remembered his mission. When the time came to effectuate a transition from the age of ignorance to The Age of Knowledge, He disseminated The Divine Catalyst, Soma. SomaSaints wanted.
      (Earthlings may debate whether this writing is about religion or science, poetry or prophecy. Regardless of labels, this scriptural poetry is about every person's destiny of reunion with, and retention of, Being; and whether the next phase of evolution will happen as a smooth metamorphosis now, or as a prolonged transition later characterized by suffering. Which destiny did you choose? Transcend.)

- Brahmaraj

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