The Sandman The Sandman is a remarkable graphic novel by Neil Gaiman, which some would arguably consider to be a literary masterpiece. I say 'graphic novel' because to call The Sandman a 'comic' would lead the reader to picture spandex outfits and unbelievable storylines. Neil Gaiman, however, created an extremely well thought out and intelligent series with incredibly fleshed-out characters and in depth plots.

The Sandman centers around the main character of the story, Dream, and what happens to him after he is held captive for a human lifetime inside a glass dome. During the course of the graphic novel, we discover that Dream is one of the Endless, the 7 anthropomorphic entities created to define the universe. The following pages were created to introduce you to the Endless, with all the descriptions, save Destruction and Death's, lifted from The Sandman: Season of Mists.