An Ancient Conversation With Leanne

I'm not sure as to why you'd care, but here is an ancient conversation on Instant Messenger between my friend Leanne and myself. I found it to be remarkably entertaining, so maybe you will too! If not, go away, please!

Delfishie: Bonjour!
Delfishie: How now white cow?
BeanGrrrl8: hiiiii!!
Delfishie: Hello
BeanGrrrl8: hey when is ades b-day party?
Delfishie: mooooooo
Delfishie: dunno
Delfishie: she hasn't planned it, maybe?
Delfishie: I'm not sure
BeanGrrrl8: find out! cos i gotta call off work for

Delfishie: do you still work at a place in which
one cleans one's vetements

Delfishie: ?
BeanGrrrl8: no :o(
Delfishie: Where, then?
BeanGrrrl8: i work in a place wherre people buy

Delfishie: praytell?
Delfishie: Food place!

Delfishie: Cool!

BeanGrrrl8: yeah!
BeanGrrrl8: a grocerierere store
Delfishie: SO, if you were locked in there for a
month, you could still survive by eating cereal!
BeanGrrrl8: yeah right!
BeanGrrrl8: so megan ronald regan what have
you been up to in the last 6 months?

Delfishie: Yep!
Delfishie: Hmmmm.....
Delfishie: Well....
Delfishie: let me think....
BeanGrrrl8: i think its been that long since we've
seen each other :o(
BeanGrrrl8: i heard you got a boyfriend
Delfishie: :-(
Delfishie: Um, no.
BeanGrrrl8: bob!
BeanGrrrl8: dont you lie about bob!
Delfishie: Oh yeah! (*Smacks herself over the
head*) Whoops! That was dumb of me!
BeanGrrrl8: kathy + ade ttold me all about him
and how swell he is
BeanGrrrl8: silly girl
Delfishie: Yeah, bob is sooo hot!
Delfishie: He has long, curly, feminine hair
BeanGrrrl8: i wanna seeee a picture!
Delfishie: that's blond, of course.
Delfishie: Sorry, he's deathly afraid of cameras.
BeanGrrrl8: ade says he looks sorta like catrina!
Delfishie: He had a bad experience with cameras
when he was young

Delfishie: Once, an adult was taking his picture...
Delfishie: and then he sneezed!
Delfishie: It turned out looking horrible!
BeanGrrrl8: awww
Delfishie: And to make it worse, it was a school
BeanGrrrl8: noo!! thats horrible
Delfishie: Everyone called him Sneeze Boy for the
rest of the year
BeanGrrrl8: lol
Delfishie: So now Bob won't even go near them.
Delfishie: Wanna try something fun?!?!
Delfishie: Take Bob's name, and spell it

Delfishie: Try it!
Delfishie: See what happens!
BeanGrrrl8: bob=bob!~ wow thats great!
Delfishie: Yeah!
Delfishie: Cool, huh!
BeanGrrrl8: yeah!!
Delfishie: What see something else that's pretty
BeanGrrrl8: we gotta hang out!
BeanGrrrl8: what are yu doin oin friday?
Delfishie: Spell Megan backwards!
Delfishie: I dunno
Delfishie: I might be abducted by aliens...
Delfishie: Or by extraterrestrials
BeanGrrrl8: nagem!
Delfishie: Yeah!
Delfishie: See, isn't it fun!?!
BeanGrrrl8: spell MUDRY backwords!

Delfishie: RYMUD!!!!!!!!!!!
Delfishie: What's so special about that?
BeanGrrrl8: YRDUM!
Delfishie: I think that negams better.
Delfishie: No! YRDUM!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delfishie: BWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delfishie: oranges
BeanGrrrl8: haha
BeanGrrrl8: you are dum!
Delfishie: you are dum
Delfishie: you are mud
Delfishie: cuz mud = dum
Delfishie: dum mud dum mud dum mud!
Delfishie: I'm listening to prodegy
Delfishie: I like them
BeanGrrrl8: yay
Delfishie: I'm a teenage prodigy
Delfishie: I can pick my nose and sing show tunes
at the same time

Delfishie: can you do that?
BeanGrrrl8: no :o( i wish i could though
Delfishie: Awww
Delfishie: don't worry
Delfishie: it's like being double jointed
Delfishie: Only cool people can do it
Delfishie: and I'm one of them!

BeanGrrrl8: i know :o( and im not cool
Delfishie: (*sings*) Chase my _______ up,
smack my ______ up!

Delfishie: I don't like the words
Delfishie: Wait a minute!
Delfishie: Yrcool!
Delfishie: Cuz your names Loocry!
Delfishie: Hi Loocry!
Delfishie: How ya doing, Loocry!?!?!
BeanGrrrl8: hiiiiii
Delfishie: I'm fine!
BeanGrrrl8: goood
Delfishie: I'm glad your good!
Delfishie: You know why I'm glad your good?
BeanGrrrl8: my hair got chopped off :o(
BeanGrrrl8: i look like a pud
Delfishie: Because good spelled backwards is

Delfishie: What's a pud?
BeanGrrrl8: a pud!
Delfishie: what's that?
Delfishie: spelled backwards, its dup!
Delfishie: duplicate?
BeanGrrrl8: do you know jim sines?
Delfishie: duplicity?
Delfishie: i know of him
Delfishie: green hair kid, right?
BeanGrrrl8: he is a pud
BeanGrrrl8: its not green anymore :o(
Delfishie: puds are named jim sines?
Delfishie: I know
Delfishie: it's bright pink
Delfishie: with orange dots
BeanGrrrl8: he dyed it again?
Delfishie: yep
Delfishie: and he shaved his head
BeanGrrrl8: do you know his little sidekick?>
Delfishie: but somehow managed to dye it
BeanGrrrl8: the crazy short boy with the nerd

Delfishie: He also wears garbage bags alot
Delfishie: No, I don't know him
BeanGrrrl8: lol really?
Delfishie: but I know that nerd spelled backwards
is dren!
BeanGrrrl8: aww.. well he is a pud too

Delfishie: Of course! Don't you believe me?
(*wink wink*)
BeanGrrrl8: if you ever see a little boy with dork
glasses and punk rock stuff on, kick him and called
him a pud and say its from leanne!

Delfishie: called him a pud?
Delfishie: Am I doing this in past tense?
BeanGrrrl8: actually theres no doubt in my mind
that jim WOULDNT wear plastic bags
BeanGrrrl8: no im just retarded
Delfishie: You aren't retarded
BeanGrrrl8: call him, not CALLED
BeanGrrrl8: why thankyou it means a lot to me
Delfishie: cuz retarded spelled backwards is
BeanGrrrl8: lol!
Delfishie: and you aren't a Dedrater!
Delfishie: You're a Loocry!
BeanGrrrl8: dedrater huh? thats what KATHY
is.. kathys a dedrater hehehe

Delfishie: Yeah! Stupid Kathy dedrater person!
Delfishie: What a dumhead!
Delfishie: She should stop dredating!
BeanGrrrl8: i know!
Delfishie: It's rude to do that in public!
Delfishie: rude spelled backwards is edur!
BeanGrrrl8: what is wrong with that girl these
BeanGrrrl8: edur
Delfishie: No! It's edur!
BeanGrrrl8: yer a resop! j/k
Delfishie: Not edur!
Delfishie: I am not a resop!
BeanGrrrl8: i ma though
Delfishie: I'm loocrepus!
BeanGrrrl8: mamamama
BeanGrrrl8: mamma!
Delfishie: mamamama?
Delfishie: Is that the name of your banana?
BeanGrrrl8: mama meea chopa chopa pee-a

BeanGrrrl8: thats the name of my doggy
Delfishie: Releeeelllleeellllly?
Delfishie: Doggy spelled backwards is yggod
Delfishie: Yee God!
Delfishie: yggod!
Delfishie: yaya!
Delfishie: backwards spelled backwards is

Delfishie: My name is Spelling Backwards Girl!
BeanGrrrl8: yay
Delfishie: What's your name, Loocry?

Delfishie: HOW NOW WHITE COW?!?!
Delfishie: WOC ETIHW WON WOH!?!?!
Delfishie: I want to speak backwards too
Delfishie: but that's too hard!
Delfishie: :-(
Delfishie: sniff
Delfishie: (*cry cry*)
BeanGrrrl8: awwww
BeanGrrrl8: do u want a kitty kat?
Delfishie: (*yrc yrc*)
Delfishie: YEAH!!!!!!!
Delfishie: I name it astrophe!
BeanGrrrl8: hehe
Delfishie: so that way, I can go up to people and
say, "Hi! Have you met my cat Astrophe!"

Delfishie: And everyone will laugh and laugh
BeanGrrrl8: hehe
Delfishie: cuz i'm soo cool
Delfishie: IM this guy!
Delfishie: Hunka1man
: Have fun!
: lol
Delfishie: Call him dumdumpop!
: ewww I don't like this color blue
: I think I'm going to spell color
colour because colour seems a lot cooler than

: There we go!
: Oranges!
: ok!!
Delfishie: Say yr from mars!
: Mars is red!
: okk
Delfishie: You're going to be a truck driver
when you grow up!


: Ming spelled backwards is gnim
: hehehe
Delfishie: Are you talking to the nice
Hunka1man man

: Yay!
: oh yes
Delfishie: Oranges!
: heheehe
: send me a copy of what yr saying!
: FUn!
: ok
Delfishie: Hehe
: I told him I was 11
: imapezdork: ooga booga
Hunka1man: hi
Hunka1man: whts up
imapezdork: i like to eat cheez whiz, lemons, and
Hunka1man: cool
Delfishie: hehehe
: Hunka1man: wher r u from
Hunka1man: asl
imapezdork: guam
imapezdork: im 483/h
Hunka1man: ok
Hunka1man: wher r u now
Hunka1man: :-)
BeanGrrrl8: imapezdork: in my cave
imapezdork: in guam
imapezdork: with the pebbles and the frickets
Hunka1man: cool
Hunka1man: asl
BeanGrrrl8: imapezdork: 483/h/guam
Hunka1man: whats h for
imapezdork: i am an h
Hunka1man: ok
BeanGrrrl8: Hunka1man: hizra
Hunka1man: lol
Hunka1man: anyways u r too weird to answer
anythign straight
Hunka1man: bye
Hunka1man: have a good one :-)
Delfishie: Wow
: that's mean!
: You should yell at him!
: Or better yet....
: hehe
Delfishie: s1n2c3Delfishie: He's nice
BeanGrrrl8: hehe
BeanGrrrl8: imapezdork: i am a hizra
imapezdork: what are you?
Hunka1man: a guy
imapezdork: me hizra, you guy
imapezdork: have you ever set a billy goat on fire?
Delfishie: LOL!
BeanGrrrl8: Hunka1man: no
Hunka1man: i gotta go
Hunka1man: bye
imapezdork: NO!
imapezdork: i kick you if you go guy
imapezdork: no go guy!
BeanGrrrl8: imapezdork: hello?
imapezdork: of the 3 guys that i have met in the
past 5 years, i must say that you are my most
favorite guy

Delfishie: awwww
Delfishie: He likes you!
BeanGrrrl8: imapezdork: will you live in my cave
with me?
Delfishie: HEHEHEHEEHE!!!!!!
Delfishie: Lol
BeanGrrrl8: no he wont talk to me!!
Delfishie: Awwww
Delfishie: talk to s1n2c3 instead
Delfishie: See if he asks you to call him
BeanGrrrl8: hes nice thoughj :o(
Delfishie: He's trying to get me to call him
Delfishie: besides, you aren't mean
Delfishie: And i'm going to tell him yr screen name
to see if it works
BeanGrrrl8: lol
Delfishie: and see if you will talk to him
Delfishie: LALALA!
BeanGrrrl8: hes not nice!
Delfishie: why not?
Delfishie: what'd he say?
BeanGrrrl8: imapezdork: one time i ate a kazoo
s1n2c3: so
s1n2c3: who are you
imapezdork: jeffabee
s1n2c3: so
BeanGrrrl8: s1n2c3: fuck off
imapezdork: didnt yer mommmy teach you not to
say things like that?
s1n2c3: a/s/l
imapezdork: i'll sick the vicious keep left signs on
BeanGrrrl8: imapezdork: 483/h/guam
s1n2c3: fuck off you cokc faced motherfucker
imapezdork: cokc?

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because of error
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Delfishie: awww
Delfishie: That's mean!
Delfishie: I'm not talking to him anymore!
Delfishie: That's mean of him!
BeanGrrrl8: i know! kick him!
Delfishie: You shouldn't use profanities on nice
leanne peoples!
BeanGrrrl8: i know!
Delfishie: I left him
Delfishie: it was hard
Delfishie: but I'll get over it eventually

Delfishie: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BeanGrrrl8: okay find someone!!
Delfishie: Definately

BeanGrrr8: Superdooper!
Delfishie: okay lemme look
BeanGrrrl8: lol
Delfishie: OKay, lemme look
Delfishie: hehehe
Delfishie: his butt....
Delfishie: funny
Delfishie: Okay I found one
Delfishie: thebarfer
Delfishie: That is his name
Delfishie: He isn't talking back to me, though
Delfishie: :-(
Delfishie: Someone travelling through time
transporting certain herbs.

Delfishie: a thyme traveler
Delfishie: hello?
Delfishie: are you there?
Delfishie: hello?
BeanGrrrl8: hii
Delfishie: How are you?
Delfishie: te guestas agua?
BeanGrrrl8: goodgood you?
Delfishie: finefine here
Delfishie: no one's talking to me!!
Delfishie: okay nic17572 is talking
: yay
Delfishie: He asked if I want to become online
: hehe
Delfishie: friendly little bugger...
: at first
: megan!
BeanGrrrl8: do you still have your spider?
Delfishie: Yep!
: Okay, Leanne.
: yeay!
BeanGrrrl8: ok
Delfishie: Where is Old Zealand?
: in guam
Delfishie: really?
: i think so
Delfishie: cool.....
: super nifty
: or ytfinrepus!
: de-difty-se-riftity
BeanGrrrl8: but i gotta go!
Delfishie: awww
: byebye!
Delfishie: bye.bye.

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BeanGrrrl8 because of error
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is not available.