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Hi! Welcome to my website. All the writing up here is my own original work, so please don't copy paste it to some g/f or b/f trying to get brownie points! Besides, they are all copy-righted =) If you feel like you want to contact me, please go right ahead! I'd love it!. I hope you enjoy my poetry, and stop by every now and again to check and see what I have new! anyway enjoy the writing, it's why this site is here! =)


Info on Me(Updated 2/13/05)
My Brother Sam's Site
Works By Friends

My Poetry.

The Window
Human Nature
A boy (May 20)
My Big Show (10.16.03)
Women (10.23.03)
The Current (11.24.03)
Love My Way(11.24.03)
The Evening(2.9.04)
My New Heart( NEW!! 6.13.04)

OMG.... A Live Journal! So geeky! But addicting

My jounal!!
My Photo Albums

AlbumNew for 2003(Re-Sized 10/14/03)
Pics From The MOA(updated with NEW PICS!)
New Fall Album! (10.23.03)
Album for Friday Nights! (2.27.04)
Saturday Afternoon!!(2.28.04)
Saturday Night!!!(2.28.04)
My Tattoos! Updated, finally(2.13.05)
THE QUEST!(5.08.04)
A new photo album for Feb 05!