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About Me

What`s Up, MI Gente!!

First of all let me just say something - I AM NOT here on a quest for love and especially not interested in arranging any booty calls! I `m just here to "meet" cool people to socialize with online. So if you`re down to earth, have a sense of humor and love to bug out - hit me up! But if you can`t come up with anything better than some "no brainer" sexist comment - don`t even bother. I dislike having someone send me a note saying `HOLLA BACK`, `MA`, `CHULA`, `HOLLA AT ME` or any of these phrases. If you are one of these people - don`t bother writing to me. Don`t get me wrong, I am a nice person. I like to chat and bug out and I have been fortunate to have chatted with several nice individuals...

Let me take some time to say some things from me to
I was born and raised in Dominican Republic, where my heart will always stay.
I now reside in Brooklyn, NY. I`m a 20 year old "baby" (lol), live with my family which I love with all my heart.
What else can I say,
I`m a very romantic person and sometimes sweet...
One of my dreams is to get married, have a big wedding
and have a lot of children.

I have learned recently that you need to make yourself happy before you can make anyone else happy. I`ve been through a lot in life. I`ve also learned to be strong and to always keep my head up no matter what happens. I thank my family for always being next to me throughout my life. Thanx for stopping by my page, and God bless!!

Here Are Some Of My Favorite Poems

El Amor

Tu sabes que. me gustas
mi amor,es bien sincero.
Pero tu solo ignoras,
el amor que. es verdadero.

Pero si tu lo quieres,
mi amor, es para ti
y aunque lo rechaces,
yo luchare por ti.

Quiero que. tu sepas que
este amor es verdadero.
Para que. tu comprendas
que. este amor es bien sincero.
By: Jonhy Varela

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All Alone

All alone Here in my room. Drowning in sorrow Consumed in my gloom.Thoughts of you Filling my head, Crying because Our love is now dead. Looking for my smile-Looking for some light-The strongest loneliness I can never fight. Missing you deeply-Reminiscing of the touch, Of the softness and sweetness Of those lips I love so much. Looking for laughter-Searching for some light-My world is an endless, cold, consuming night. Dreaming when I sleep-Wondering what I`ll do-Our love here has ended But I`m still in love with you
by: Vincent Paul Gonzales

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