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7th Grade Summer Assignment 2005

Welcome 7th grade! Soon you will be 8th graders, but before you can move foward, there is one more thing you need to do!!!

As part of your summer assignment, you are to read, "A Story of How a Wall Stands," by Simon J. Ortiz. After you read it, you are to write an essay on your interpretation of the poem.

In order for you to do this, you need to do some background research on Ortiz's life. Below are multiple web links to various sites where you can read up on Ortiz.

The main goal is to answer the question: What are the implications of the poem in relation to Ortiz's deeply-rooted heritage? Put simply: what is the main theme of the poem, and how can the images be interpretted as metaphors for a larger meaning? WHAT IS ORTIZ'S ULTERIOR MOTIVE FOR WRITING THIS!!!

Now, how do I want this?? The paper should be HANDWRITTEN on a clean piece of looseleaf. It should be 3 paragraphs minimum following the 5-7 sentence rule. You are stating your opinion, so you can say "I," however, you need to include some serious info to support your opinions!

Good luck, have fun, stay safe! Be good to the new teacher. I will miss you guys very much. If you have any questions about this assignment or need any further assistance, e-mail me!!!

See ya'll in NOVEMBER!! :)

~Mrs. D.

Ortiz Bio 2
Ortiz Bio 3
Ortiz Bio 4
Story of How a Wall Stands