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My MoMs NaiL ShoP

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I really hope she likes it, so that she doesn't think that I'm just a looser or atleast she will pretend that I'm not, so that to cheer me up and make me feel a little better about my self. I hope that in creating this site, I can lift my head out and above the wretched evil cloud that looms above my shoulders with it's cold grotesque arms pushing me down. It's crackly disgusting hands constantly reaching for my shrinking neck just. It's only purpose is to strangle and squeze every little drop of sanity and love of life out of my fading soul. Awhh shitnitzz how da hell did I get here, How.. Why did I let it get this far. My memories are not my own but of a friendly stranger that I've known all my life and I somehow feel quet fond of. When I think of him sometimes I crack a little smile because of the warm comforting memories that he reminds me of. It's sorta like an outer body experiance except it didn't just happend in a short moment outta nowhere, but from long lonely period of internal spiral through a dark tunnel from where I now stand and stair at this stranger I know so well, with his innocent smile that warms my soul OHhh how I envy him. To exist in the sun light, with his loving family and his loyal friends. FUCK THIS SHIT!! I'm getting dizzy and everything is starting to get blurry from stairing to long, time to turn off the lights and get the hell out of the restroom. The lingering gas, created by the by product from my earlier bomb raid on the unsuspecting little white town of Teliot from the country of Taco Bella which declared war on me ealier in the day for consumeing to many of it's sacred fire sauce...

So yes I hope this little reflection on mine can shed a little light on the path that hopefully leads back to my old friend sanity which I know will not be the same person that I knew.

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