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"We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children
that makes the heart too big for the body."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emilie's Family Geneaology

Paternal Family History

Emilie's father Jeff Grumley was born in Dothan Alabama on April 27, 1985 to Sherri Louise (Grumley) McKelvey (DOB 7/13/1963) and Kenneth Ray Dillard (DOB unknown). Sherry later married Mike McKelvey and had another son, Cristopher (DOB unknown), Emilie's uncle.

Jeff works for Walmart in the stock room. He attended Red Land High School in Pennsylvania.

Information below provided by Tammy Mitzel

James Wells Grumley married Margaret and had 2 sons: James Wells Grumley, Jr. & Charles Grumley (deceased), Jeffy's Grandfather (DOB 8/3/22) died 8/21/89 age 67

James Wells Grumley, Jr. married Jaqueline and had 3 kids: Jaqueline (Stormy), Janet, and James Wells Grumley, III (Dusty)(9/5/54) married Cheryl and had 2 kids (Alyssa & ?)

James Wells Grumley, Jr. divorced Jaqueline and married Doris Louise Mitzel and had 6 kids

1. Kimberly Ann (9/28/59) married H. Wayne Sharp, divorced him and married Kimberly Boyce Estes (yes, it's a man) and had 2 kids: Amy Michelle Estes (12/9/91) and Joseph Dylan Estes (Dylan)(dob-11/3/96) then divorced Kim and married Mike Moore. Still married.
2. James Michael Grumley (Mike) (9/29/60) married Christy Sue Umberger, divorced and married Dawne. Mike died 8/2/03 age 42. No children.
3. Pamela Kaye Grumley (3/24/62) never married. Has 1 son to Jimmy. Corey Mitchell Lee Grumley (3/26/89)
4. Sherri Louise Grumley (7/13/63)
5. Kenneth Eugene Grumley (11/17/64) married Deb Aquino. Divorced her and married Janice Bruegeman. No kids.
6. Tammy Michelle Grumley (7/14/69) married Robert Allan Mitzel (Bob)(6/24/72) married 9/3/90. We have 3 kids Cody Allan Mitzel (10/14/90) Colby Alxzander Mitzel (9/4/94) Tara Mychelle Mitzel (2/7/2000).

Charles Grumley married Daphne had 2 kids Charles & Moira (or Mora...not sure)

Doris Mitzel's parents were William Mitzel & Nora Groscost they had 11 kids: Ruth, Paul (deceased), Doris Louise (Jeffy's Grandma), William (Bill), Kenneth Alfred (deceased), Barbara, Michael, Pierre Radison, Gloria Romaine, Arlene, and Ronald.

Maternal Family History

Emilie's mother Tori Renee Leininger (DOB 1/9/1981) was born in Greenville Pennsylvania to Cindy Louise (Paige) Alba of Grove City, PA (DOB 4/20/1957) and John Henry Leininger Jr of Harrisburg, PA (DOB 12/12/1951)

Tori works for Southeastern Freight Lines as a billing specialist. Tori graduated from Lexington High School.

Cindy Alba, Emilie's maternal grandmother, later married Richard Alba and had a second child (Emilie's Uncle Rick), Richard Alba (DOB 12/25/1986). Cindy is a business analyst for Highmark Medicare Services and husband Rick works as a technician for AIS. Emilie's Uncle Rick works for Dick's Sporting Goods as a cashier. Cindy's mother and Emilie's maternal great-grandmother was Patricia Tighe (DOB 3/17/1937) of Grove City, PA. Cindy has four brothers and sisters:

Glen Brummert of Barre, VT
Billy Tighe of Grove City, PA
Leah Tighe of Grove City, PA
Sue Ann Tighe of Grove City, PA

John Leininger, Emilie's maternal grandfather, later married Melony Beth Whitcomb (DOB 10/24/1960) of Enola, PA and had a son, John Wilson Leininger (DOB 10/25/1986), (Emilie's Uncle John). Emilie's Grandpa John owns Net-123 Web Development, a web design and hosting company in Lexington, SC. Grammy Mel works as a billing specialist at Southeastern Freight Lines (with Tori) and is currently in the process of starting her own travel/cruise agency. Uncle John is a history major at the University of South Carolina and treasurer of the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. Grandpa John served during the Viet Nam war in the U.S. Air Force's Strategic Air Command (SAC) at Vandenberg AFB, CA; Malmstrom AFB, MT; and with a NATO TUSLOG detachment in Izmir, Turkey. Grandpa John also fathered another daughter, Heather Michelle Leininger of Middletown, PA (DOB 8/15/1978), with Jody Ann Derr of Middletown, PA.

Grandpa John's parents were John Henry Leininger Sr (Emilie's great-grandfather) of Middletown, PA (DOB 11/19/1927) and Lois Mae (Reed) Leininger (Emilie's great-grandmother) of Steelton, PA (DOB 2/17/1929). John Sr was a photographer in Warner Robins, GA until his death in the early 90's. Lois worked for the Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg until her death, also in the early 90's. John Sr served in the U.S. Navy during World War II aboard the cruiser USS Cleveland.

John Sr (Emilie's great-grandfather) was born to George Leininger (Emilie's great-great-grandfather) of Tremont, PA (DOB unknown) and Kathryn (Coleman) Leininger (Emilie's great-great-grandmother) of Lebanon, PA (DOB unknown). George Leininger was a career cavalry soldier in the U.S. Army and served in Cuba under Teddy Roosevelt at the battle of San Juan Hill. Among many assignments, he was also stationed in Panama when the canal was being dug and was with the detachment that chased Pancho Villa into Mexico. He died in the 1930's when John Sr was only seven years old and left Kathryn to raise seven children on her own in Middletown, PA.

John Sr had six brothers and sisters as follows:

William Leininger - no children
George (Bud) Leininger - Son George, Daughter Linda
Kate Leininger (Coastal) - Sons George & Eddie, daughters Becky & Susan
Frank Leininger - Daughter Mary
Bessie Leininger (Stahl) - 4-5 Daughters, names unknown
Ann Leininger (Bright) - Son Chuck

John Sr remarried after he and Lois divorced. He later had a daughter named Jennifer (married now, last name unknown), presumably living in Georgia.

George Leininger's father was Jon Peter Leininger (Emilie's great-great-great-grandfather) of Tremont, PA (DOB unknown). He was a Lutheran minister in Tremont, PA.

Kathryn Leininger's father was Samuel Coleman (Emilie's great-great-great-grandfather) of Lebanon, PA (DOB unknown). Samuel Coleman served in a U.S. Army unit formed in Lebanon, PA and was at the Battle of Gettysburg in the civil war. Kathryn's brother John Coleman founded the Coleman Company in Cleveland, OH, producing camping equipment.

The Leininger family name has gone through several permutations; beginning as Von Leiningen, then changing to Von Leininger, and finally to Leininger which means "Man of Leiningen". The village of Leiningen in Germany west of the Rhine River, is the hereditary Leininger land originally owned by the Baron Von Leiningen before he and his wife Anastasia and their thirteen children immigrated to the United States due to the French usurping German land in the 1600's. The Leininger family crest (pictured) dates back to feudal times and is part of Emilie's connection to the Leininger family heritage.

The Leininger family coat of arms consists of three rampant argent eagles on a solid azure field. The exact date of the creation of this crest is uncertain. This crest is also representative of the names Von Leiningen and Von Leininger.

Lois (Emilie's great-grandmother) was born to Fredrick McGinley Clendening Reed (Emilie's great-great-grandfather) of Neelyton, PA (DOB 12/29/1901) and Rose Dittenhafer Reed (Emilie's great-great-grandmother) of Steelton, PA (DOB 4/25/1906). Fred worked his entire life at the Bethlehem Steel Mill in Steelton, PA, in the "Frog Shop" while Rosie was a stay at home mother and wife.

Lois had one brother and one sister:

Fred Reed - Son Frank (Butch), Houston TX; Daughters Margaret (Peggy), Harrisburg PA; Patti, Goose Creek SC, Nancy, Charleston SC
Dorothy Reed (Sisti) - Daughter Tina, Hendersonville NC

Lois' father Fred Reed was born to Annie Elizabeth Reed (DOB unknown), Emilie's great-great-great grandmother and John Clendening (DOB unknown), Emilie's great-great-great grandfather, a farmer from Neelyton, PA. Fred had an older sister, Zora, and when Annie and John divorced, Fred and Zora went to live with their maternal grandparents, James Reed (Emilie's great-great-great-great gandfather) and Jenny Jeffries Reed (Emilie's great-great-great-great grandmother) on their farm in Neelyton. Fred's last name was then changed from Clendening to Reed, after his grandparents and mother's maiden name.

Fred's mother, Annie Elizabeth Reed Clendening Roof, then married to Geary Roof of Chambersburg PA. They had six children together: Geary (Ted), James (Bus), Paul, Robert, Nancy Jane, and Helen.

Rose Reed, Emilie's great-great grandmother was born to Rebecca Jane Ford Dittenhafer (Emilie's great-great-great-grandmother) of Mt. Holly, PA (DOB unknown) and Ambrose Dittenhafer (DOD unknown) of Mt. Holly, PA. Rosie had three siblings: George, Helen Mae, and Charlie.

Rebecca Jane Ford's father was George Ford (DOB unknown), Emilie's great-great-great-great-grandfather.

Emilie's middle name "Mae" comes from the following line: Nana Mae Ford (Rebecca Ford's cousin), Helen Mae Dittenhafer (Rosie's sister), Lois Mae Reed (Rosie's daughter), and finally Emilie Mae.

If you have any names, facts, dates, or photos to add or ammend the above genealogical information, please contact John Leininger at 803-951-8915 or email me.

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