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MP3 & Lyrics ....:::: Yida Huang (DEVIL BESIDE YOU SOUNDTRACK) - Chou Nan Ren ::::...

Yida Huang

(Devil Beside You OST)

Chou Nan Ren 

Wo jiu shi ni men nu shen zui tao yen de na zhong ren
Zhuan men qi pian nu ren gan qing de chou nan ren
Wo jiu shi na ge jia li you le yi ge hai xianbu gou
Hai zai wai tou yang le yi ge xiao nu ren

Oh Oh Oh Oh

Wo jiu shi ni men suo wei de bu zai hu tian chang di jiu
Zhi zai hu ceng jing yong you de chou nan ren
Wo jiu shi na ge yi san wu hui zai jia
Er si liu na hai yong shuo
Er xing qi tian shi ping jing de du guo

Qi guai de shi zhe shi jie nan ren bu huai nu ren bu ai
Yao shuai yao ti tie you yao guan huai
Zhe zhong nan ren yi bu cun zai
Wo jiu shi na re rang ni bu ming bai rang ni kan bu kai rang ni hao wu nai
Dui le jiu shi na ge chou nan hai
Rang ni jiao tian tian bu li cai

Wo jiu shi na ge rang ni shi qu rang ni xin tong rang ni lei liu
Rang ni yi sheng tong hen de chou nan ren
Wo jiu shi na ge rang ni wu fa zi ba wu fa ke wang wu fa yu liao
Yi sheng tong hen de chou nan ren



I am the type of person that you girls hated the most
 The jerk that always deceive women’ feelings
 I am the one that already have one in the house but still not enough
 and kept a little woman outside

 Oh Oh
 I am the one that do not care about forever
 The jerk that only care about “had before”
 I am the one that will stay home at Monday, Wednesday and Friday
 Not to mention Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
 And will peacefully go through Sunday

The weird thing in the world is
 Woman does not fancy the nice guy
 They want good looking, sensitive and caring
 This type of guy does not exist anymore
 I am the one that you do not understand
 Make you lost direction and feel powerless
 That is right. That Jerk.
 Make you scream at the sky and sky will not care

I am the one that will make you lose, heartbroken and cry
 The jerk that make you hate your whole life
 I am the one that make you could not help yourself
 Impossible to hope for and unpredictable
 The jerk that you hated the whole life


( Special THANKS to GIGI'S MUSIC PAGE for the MP3 .. Godbless po! )


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