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Welcome to the Entheogenic Reformation!

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The Entheogenic Reformation Church (ERC) is a simple name for the Body of God which All Entheogenists are in part and parcle.

It is the Entheogenic Reformation body of God which acts upon this earth, with or without involvements being directly tied to the E R C, as we have sought to focalize and co-create it through the personal entheogenic ambassadages that God has chosen to build us up unto.

We are those who, by God's Predestination and call come to believe that we are an Entheogenist first and foremost in our religion and so we find it within our Gods willing that we council with other known entheogenists who have agreed upon the Charter and the embassy of our Church and so seek to uphold the By-laws, and further our God's Council engineering, thru our faithfully and loyally pronouncing our God's words into those Councils which are the lifes blood of our Church work.

We the vessels of that blood, fellowship in our sovereignty as one religious body of believers by sharing our experiences as fellow entheogenists; as we enliven our selves thru our pure pursuit of God's highest mysteries.

Though we all (who are entheogenists) make up the body of our Gods human Church, we have not all come to agree upon our routes in the world as one unified body, as we do now by our gathering Entheogenists from across the whole spectrum of Technological, Sociological, National Scientific and religious semantics, to share;

"The whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth, that we may honor God with His rule over our dialects and our comprehensions of peace and sacridity;that we may further them . . ..

As is recognized in our Governing, the Church now sits as a vessel of incrimination and so I have come to believe that it is, at this time, best for our body members to keep their anonymity (That they be not incriminated as though they are evil for obedience to God) in becoming members of this (Church) body.

I wrote a letter of assurance to the Governor of Florida asking that our Church be given a letter of Assurance from Him (Charlie Crist) that our Church is no longer investigated or criminalized for what holy sacrament we use which just so happens to be legislated as illegal for recreational use.


We know that our Civil Rights protect us in possessing our religious sacraments being they are our religious articles of our faith.

The Govenor refused to send me a letter assuring me that His oath would be upheld. He also explained to me that it's within the desecration of the Prosecuting attorney as to whether a person is investigated and charged as according the Florida Statutes.

I was about to write the Prosecutor's in Florida to notify them of my sincere religious beliefs when someone else gave me the pathway of filing for a federal exemption from the Controlled Substance Act.

After looking over the Exemption papers, I am told I must file, I have chosen to wait and ask each of the founding members at our next council, what we as one body politic now must do in order to be allowed our "fellowshipping together"

I personally have come to believe that the "Guarantee's" given in the Constitution are worthy the weight of that guarantee, however it's obvious to me that there are prosecutor's all across the Country and Sheriff's, DEA and other law enforcement officer's who are making a killing off of this drug war, and without respect of persons they will throw anyone into jail for violating what their perceived law is, not allowing their ignorance to become enlightened lest we be set free for holding what our God calls holy!

For this cause I have denied all members full recognition of membership, to protect our members base from unwanted and illegal civil rights violations against our members, until the members we already have get together and make our next step in ministering the Truth to the World full of lies!

I pray daily that we can be assured as a Church that we will not be prosecuted or persecuted for simply choosing a Safer Choice then Alcohol on the one hand, but in reality it is the Highest calling of our God to be fully anointed with the Cannabis our Church council has adopted as our Church Sacrament.

One day our Sacrament will no longer be used as a tool for inquisition by the criminal justice system which is prying into our Alms closet to deny us our religious merit and sovereignty, dishonoring our Lord and our God

We by default of all the blood spilt and the Bill of Rights claim and hold to our Gods given protections as members of our Gods body, who have accepted our Gods marriage invite through our acceptence of Cannabis as our act of obedience being given unto our Gods Sovereign Comfort..

I feel that by having incorporated in 2008, that we actually incriminated each of our selves as entheogenists, into some false recognition of our selves being criminal for what our God has us do.

The Church we had already gathered as an established and Chartered, Incorporated entity, in which I as it's chairman and priest was acting upon the Council directives; which we created through Council, when we adopted Cannabis as the very 1st Entheogenic Substance to be inducted into it.

The Church being Chartered in 2000 and fully incorporated by 2008, set the stage for our legal allowance as a Church to use Cannabis, beginning when our first members accepted the anointing with thanksgiving being given unto God.