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---------------------------------Interactive Page---------------------------------

This page is designed for fun and entertainment. Here you'll find quizzes, games, tests of
musical skill, and other activities relating to the content of the site.
(Click on text links or images to access activities)

How many famous guitar icons can you indentify?
Click the image above to find out.

Which guitar are you?----------
My result: Fender Strat
"You are a Fender Stratocaster. You are the orignal rock and roll guitar."

----------Which guitar player are you?
My result: John Petrucci
"You are the greatest guitar player alive. You shred with precise accuracy, you structure your solos
like no other guitar player, and you are unmatched in songwriting abilities."

------How's your ear? Try identifying the intervals------
Two different tests to choose from
Click image on the left to hear notes played separately
Click image on the right to hear notes played together

Guitar Heroes Quiz

Six String Nation---------- Canadiana Guitar

Canadian history in a guitar: Made of materials from the Golden Spruce, Gretzky's & Henderson's hockey sticks, Trudeau's canoe
paddle, Riel's schoolhouse, L.M. Montgomery's birthplace, the Bluenose II, the Maid Of the Mist, the Montreal Forum, a Rocket
Richard Stanley Cup ring, the oldest rock in the world, and much more. Click the image to read about all of the pieces,
the luthiers, the famous musicians who have played it, and to hear the guitar.

----------Test Your Pitch Perception----------

Guitar, Piano, & Drum Simulator------ ------ ------

Guitar Quiz---------------

------------Rhythm Test------------

------ Match the guitarists to the guitar brand/model that they're associated with

Xotic Guitars------------Custom Design Simulator

Websites of companies whose products I use:

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Guitarist w/ amp, & flaming guitar animations by: http://www.myspacegraphicsandanimations.com

Anne's Guitar Tab Archive - Interactive Page - http://www.angelfire.com/planet/zerofret/page5.html