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Girlschool Tabs

Girlschool Photo Page
Most recent tab addition:
Going Under
Demolition (1980)

Demolition Boys
Not For Sale
Race With the Devil (guitar)
Race With the Devil (bass)
Take It All Away
Nothing To Lose

Hit And Run (1981)

C'mon Let's Go
Kick It Down
Following the Crowd (bass)
Hit And Run
WatchYour Step
Back To Start (bass)
Yeah Right (guitar)
Yeah Right (bass)
Future Flash

Screaming Blue Murder (1982)

Screaming Blue Murder
Live With Me (bass)
Don't Call It Love
You Got Me
Flesh And Blood

Play Dirty (1983)

Going Under
Breaking All the Rules
Burning In the Heat

Running Wild (1985)

Running Wild
Nasty Nasty
Love Is A Lie

Nightmare At Maple Cross (1986)

All Day All Night
Never Too Late
Back For More

Take A Bite (1988)

Fox On the Run
Too Hot To Handle

Girlschool (1992)

Wild At Heart
We Came (guitar)
We Came (bass)

Girlschool Live (1995)

On My Way

21st Anniversary:
Not That Innocent (2002)

Mad Sister
A Love Too Far
I Told You So
Everybody Does It

Believe (2004)

Never Say Never
Feel Good
Yes Means Yes
Play Around
Passion (bass)

(EP with Motörhead)
St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1980)

Please Don't Touch


It Could Be Better (bass)

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