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Chiptune Songs I Made:

Songs I Programmed using a programming language called Matlab


Other Good Chiptunes:

Disasterpeace - Sober Colony

DisasterPeace - Ensis

Random - Spontaneous Devotion

Sabrepulse - Tokyo Boy

11 Hz Robot - Graph Paper

Bit Shifter - March of the Nucleotides

DisasterPeace - Quartz

Random - Interstellar Machines

DisasterPeace - The Sun and the Moon

Bit Shifter - Bad Surge

Random - Reducerad

Sabrepulse - Hey Kate

Nullsleep - Her Lazer Light Eyes

Nullsleep - Say It's Not The End

DisasterPeace - Polis

TrashCanMan - Bonus Level

DisasterPeace - Death Satellite Evasion

Bit Shifter - Chumming the Ocean