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You Pick Em 2007

Welcome to the 2007 You Pick Em Tournament Challenge. The way this works is a litle different than most pools, so I'm going to try and break it down completely so there's no questions.

1.) You will be choosing a total of 11 teams.

2.) The first 10 teams can be chosen from the entire field of 64 with only one stipulation - You can only choose two of each seed. That means no more than 2 #1 seeds or 2 #2 seeds or 2 #3 seeds, etc.

3.) After choosing these 10 teams, you will choose your Underdog Team as your eleventh team. This team must be a #12 seed or higher. Now to the scoring which is very simple.

4.) For every game one of your teams wins, you will receive one point. Here's the only twist - if your team is a lower seed and they defeat a higher seed, you will receive two points. For example, if a #1 seed is playing against a #6 seed, the #1 seed winning will earn only 1 point whereas if the #6 seed beats the #1 seed, they would earn two points.

5.) For every game your Underdog team wins, you will receive three points.

6.) POINTS ARE UP. 4 Way Tie for the lead. Some of you guys with bunk picks are eliminated. Sorry. Get me your five bones asap or I'll have Golden break your legs.

Excuse the nicknames... I'm having a night.

Andrew Witko Florida Oregon Kansas Duke UCLA Texas Vanderbilt Georgetown Tennessee Texas AM ODU 19
Matt Golden Child kansas ohio st. georgetown ucla oregon texas a&m texas tennesee mich St. nevada old dominion 19
Stu hippie boy Ulman Kansas Ohio State Georgetown Wisconsin Texas A&M Maryland Texas Va. Tech Notre Dame Nevada Arkansas 13
Big Joe Zerbee Ohio St. Florida Texas Ucla Gtown Kentucky texas A&M ND VCU Tennessee Davidson 17
Megan "IM not sure how to spell your first name" Riley UNC Florida Georgetown Wisconsin Tex A&M Oregon UVA Texas Gonzaga VCU Holy Cross15
Sammy the Widdoe Maker Florida Ohio State UCLA Wisconsin Texas A&M Washington State Texas Michigan State Creighton Winthrop Davidson 15
Johnny G in Gottwald Zerbee Florida North Carolina Georgetown Texas A&M Pitt Texas Va Tech Notre Dame Nevada Villanova Davidson 13
Katye 'no one knows me in this pool' Seat Kansas UNC Georgetown Memphis Oregon Pitt Butler Lousiville DUKE UNLV Illinois 19
Andrew 'make it rain on them hos' Florio UNC Ohio St. Georgetown UCLA Texas A & M Oregon Maryland Nevada Virginia Tech Louisville Oral Roberts 16
Pete 'i eat garbage' Siemons Florida Kansas Georgetown Wisconsin Pitt Oregon Texas Virginia VA Tech Louisville Oral Roberts 15
Downtown Kellen Seligman Ohio State UNC UCLA Georgetown Oregon Va Tech Louisville Duke BC Ga Tech Arkansas 13
Mike 'too easy to diss' Dooley Florida Ohio st. Wisconsin G-town Texas AM Texas Tennessee V.T. Maryland Louisville ODU 16
Baby Face Timmy Christ Ohio State Texas AM Texas Pitt Vanderbilt BC Michigan State Wisconsin Kansas Virginia Tech Long Beach State 17
David J Maddenpoints UNC Kansas Gtown Oregon Memphis Butler Louisville Pitt Duke Vanderbilt ODU 19