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Other Factors that make me realize how much I Love You

I also want you to understand that you, and you alone have given purpose, meaning, love, and inspiration to my life.

Before you, I felt lost, drifting aimlessly wondering what my purpose was in this world.

I did not believe I was capable of loving someone like I Love You.

You have opened up feelings, thoughts, and motivation that I have never had before.

You are also the first and only person that I would sacrifice EVERYTHING and ANYTHING for on this earth.

I know and believe in my heart of hearts that you and I are meant to be together and would be very happy together.

I know you are dealing with feelings and thoughts you have never had before, but remember this I am also dealing with the same feelings and thoughts and what I have come to realize is this...My Love for You is a constant and will always be that way.

YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND ALWAYS WILL BE regardless of what may or may not transpire.

Everytime I see you, my breath is taken away and a loving, peaceful, and wonderful feeling comes over me.