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Welcome to Macro Haters.

Below is lots of good information for Macro Haters.

Our Purpose:
To hunt down and DESTROY Macro Miners anywhere they appear in The Bleak Lands.

Who's putting this together:

  1. Identify pilots as Macroers through the criteria listed below.
  2. Post the Names and Locations of suspected macroers in this channel. Await confirmation from another member of this channel. If two people believe a pilot is Macro Mining, then chances are that they are.
  3. Put together a group of nearby people to fly a suicide mission against these macroers.
Instructions For Killing Macroers:
  1. Create an alt character so you dont loose ships / security rating using the instructions here
  2. Load out a Kestrel with 4 Standard 1 or Malkuth rocket launchers (or whichever are the cheapest) and rockets of your choice. Assistance with this step (i.e. free stuff) can be obtained from those running this coalition.
  3. In groups of at least 4 characters, warp to macroers, orbit as close as possible, simultaneously lock and fire rockets as fast as possible. Use Hotkeys F1, F2, F3, F4 to speed things up.
How to Spot a Macro Miner:
  1. Approach thier can, open it. If the contents are not stacked (i.e. the can is a mess), this is a good indication of a macro miner.
  2. Macro Miners are almost always members of NPC corporations to avoid War Declarations. Also, they generally do not have a bio.
  3. Macroers usually sign on and off in large groups. If you add them to your friends list you can see this occuring.
  4. Macro Miners mine the rocks closest to them regardless of the value of the other asteroids in their current belt.
  5. Language barriers prevent some players from responding to hails. While a lack of response may indicate that a person is using a Macro program, It is NOT a guaranteed method of identifying them.
What to do if nobody else is on:
  1. Switch to your suicide character.
  2. Approach the can that the macroer is filling in a shuttle.
  3. Open the can and steal some of the contents. This will give them Kill Rights but most Macroers will not attack.
  4. Jettison your cargo. Set the name to match the Macroers Can.
  5. Transfer all of the contents of thier can into yours.

With any luck, they will continue to mine into your can. If not, or when the can is full, switch back to your main character and haul the can. This will give your alt kill rights on your main, but WILL NOT affect your Sec status. You can calso have a friend haul for you.

If the macroers fire at you, you will get kill rights and will not have to worry about concord. Feel free to do as you wish to them. The same is true if their hauler attempts to haul your can.