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Yae Fan Site!

Welcome to my Yae fansite! Yae is a character from the Mystical Ninja/Goemon series of video games. Just look at her (that is her up above, underneath the title). She is so cute and pretty, and that is why I love her, and that is why I made this fan site about her!

(these are the other characters from the Goemon games. I felt obligated to put them here.)

This is Yae as a mermaid! If this picture doesn't make you happy then you must not be human. You are a robot and dumb.

In this picture Yae is bearing one more bazooka than usual (if you get my meaning haha!).

Here are two pictures of Yae in her new clothes. I can't decide if I like these or her old clothes better! I guess Yae just looks perfect in anything! Although I'm sure she looks perfect when NOT in anything, as well! Haha-ha!

This is an animation where Yae is making a shield by spinning her sword. It looks more to me like she's fanning herself off, or perhaps drying her hair.

A normal picture of Yae. It always seems to be windy around her.

Gah! How did this get here?!?!

That's better. Looks like Yae is getting ready to kick some butt.

Ooh, these pictures don't have the transparency so they don't blend in with the rest of the site, but WHO CARES?!?! She looks sooo cute in this style! I want to play Goemon DS just so I can see more of this. I wonder if the game would respond if I licked her on the touch screen?

I guess Yae is flying in this picture. I don't think she's actually done that in the games, but I bet she can fly when she really wants to. She is a ninja after all

Woah! Slice and dice!


The Mystical Website of Goemon - This is like the number one Goemon site in english. I stole most of these pictures from there, but I can get away with it because I am linking to them now.

The Mystical Ninja Club - A Yahoo! group/club/thing for Goemon. Go join and find out more about Yae!

Fenrir's Sprite Domain - I got a couple of these Yae animations from here.

Goemon International - I don't THINK I took anything from here, but still a good website with some good video clips featuring Yae. Go check those out.