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XTrEmE WiRe StaFF MeMbErZ :

XTrEmE WiRe WeB LiNkS SoOn GoNNa Be On ThIs SiTe :

DoUBLe D HITz (Music) +More
Chat Server & Cam *-* Multi Cam*-*
RiNg ToNeS
Web Codes
Dating Line

We are still under construction and soon will be up !!!!! And if you want to apply for the technical operator job -- we will be accepting applications for that position soon !! But must have experience ! and this is gonna be the #1 tighest website that you will definately enjoy ! we gonna have tons of stuff that will catch your eyez (@)(@) ! add this to your favorites ! MAKE SURE YOU TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ! and keep checking for more updates !!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!! Thanks to, (Tyler) (Tim) Administrators