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Captain Tal RC-25/1180
(Tal is Mandalorian for Blood)

One of the few clones of Jango Fett that was not reconditioned or destroyed by the kaminoans during the early period of the Clone Wars. Tal was among the first one hundred alpha test subjects produced on Kamino after the failed Null ARC experiment. Tal first saw action during The Battle of Geonosis where he first met Jedi Master Kam Helon. Tal, Master Helon and 20 Troopers were then tasked with locating and destroying a Geonosision star fighter fabrication repair plant. Although the mission was a success, Sergeant Tal was badly wounded when he took a blaster shot that was meant for Master Helon, on their way out of the fabrication plant. Master Helon seeing that Tal was still alive Helon carried him out using the force. Tal spent 4 days in a baccta tank recovering, when Tal was Released from the baccta tank he was informed that he had been promoted to lieutenant and that Master Helon now a General had requested Tal be permanently assigned to him.

Tal spent the next three years with General Helon and his padawan all over the galaxy, going from one battlefield to the next such as, the First Battle of Rhen Var, Battle of Raxus Prime, Battle of Bespin, First Battle of Sarapin, Battle of Pengalan IV, Battle of Ord Cestus, Battle of Boz Pity, Battle of Murkhana.

When not on a battle field Tal would spend all of his free time discussing Jedi combat techniques with General Helon and his padawan, soaking up every scrap of information. He came to understand how to anticipate his opponent's next move, and was able to defeat his fellow ARC troopers in training battles that were designed to end in a draw. General Helon also instructed Tal in some of the basic light saber combat forms, in order to use him as a sparing partner for his Padawan, so Helon could observe his padawan as he fights, in order to improve the padawans training.

It was during the Battle of Boz Pity that Tal earned his promotion to Captain, with the daring rescue of Helon's severely wounded padawan. Unfortunately the padawan succumbed to his injures several hours after being rescued.

It was during the Battle of Murkhana that Order 66 was enacted; Tal was contacted by the Clone Commander and ordered to execute Order 66. Looking to the General, Tal realized that he could not kill a man that he saw as a friend and brother, so instead he said, General we have a problem, quickly explaining the problem to the General, after discussing it they planned to steal a ship. After three days of dodging patrols they successfully stole a ship but at a cost, General Helon was wounded terribly, before passing on in to the force, General Helon gave one last order find survivor help them any way you can, and keep my saber safe.

Tal spent the next year tracking any and all leads, most ending with Tal having dodge Imperial patrols that beat him to the Jediís locations. Realizing that the task before him, Tal came to the conclusion that the only way his mission could be accomplished was with an army, so Tal returned to Kamino to try to convince them to create a new army to appose the empire. Talís task to create the new army was aided by the Empires new anti alien polices that effected the kaminoans. The kaminoans agreed to produce this new army with Tal provided the genetic sample used to create this army, but the kaminoans learning from the mistake with Jango Fett they insisted that he go into Cryogenic stasis in a safe location should they be discovered. Tal spent something like 15 years in this stat until a backup timer defrosted him. During the time Tal spent in stasis the army was discovered by the empire and in a preemptive strike attacked Kamino and destroyed the army.

The last order given by General Helon eventually leads Tal to Lee and his group in their fight agents the empire.